Very Inspiring Blogger Award


inspired blogger

So in my last post I mentioned that not one but two awesome things had happened recently.  Then I did an awful thing and left you hanging without revealing the second thing.  I realize how cruel this was and I’m sure you spent your weekend tossing and turning with worry and wonder because, of course, the world revolves around your’s truly.


Anyway, the second event is pretty cool because the lovely Justine over at Ever Upward recognized me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award which really touched my heart.  It always makes my spirit soar to learn that someone finds the contents of my brain on paper inspiring.  I know what it means to me to read someone else’s brain contents and find comfort.  To think I can do that for someone else just makes my day.  Thanks Justine…you da bomb girl.

So there are a few things I’m supposed to do.  I happen to find these things fun so here goes.

1.  Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.  Check.

2.  List the rules and display the award.  Check.

3.  Share seven facts about yourself.  Coming in just a sec.  You can’t wait can you?  See?  I told you…it’s all about me!

4.  Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know why they have been nominated.  (Like Justine, I am just going to list them and leave their participation optional.  Not “it”…I promise.)  Also…see below.  NOW you really can’t wait!

So without further ado, here are seven fun (?) facts about me.

1.  Project Runway is my favorite show ever.  Nope…not an HGTV show but a fashion show.  I love watching the limited amount of drama that occurs (at least they only show us a limited amount…I can only take so much drama on TV before I get anxious) followed by sometimes beautiful and sometimes downright weird fashion.  Love.  Did I mention love?  Yeah…that.

2.  Even though I’ve been married twice I have only been in love once and I’m still in love with the same guy after 31 years.  No I don’t feel like I missed anything.  Quite the contrary.  I feel incredibly blessed to have found this man who puts up with all my shit and still loves me.

3.  As I mentioned in my Geezer post I really don’t swear that much in real life.  I went through a potty mouth phase in my youth but in the real world I don’t find it adds anything to a conversation…in fact it makes me look cheap and a lot stupid.  Now…I have been known to let fly from time to time but I reserve that for extreme cases in order to ensure maximum impact.  But this blog?  This is the one place I can just let it all go and say whatever the fuck comes into my head.  I let my ghetto show here and I’m damn proud of it.

4.  I did in fact grow up in the ghetto/hood/poor side of town/projects.  No matter what you call it we were poor and lived in some ugly places.  And no, our love didn’t make up for a lack of money…it all sucked.  But through it all I always saw a bright side and knew that one day I’d come out of it and be better for it.  Wish I had been that wise about drinking…sigh.

5.  I have a bachelor’s degree in finance but my real love is English Literature.  I think the only real regret I have in life is that I didn’t major in English Lit in college.  I thought I had to major in finance to work in a bank…boy was I wrong!  And don’t tell me to go back…I have three kids in college, I hate school and I hate debt even more.

6.  I secretly wanted to be a comedian when I was a young girl.  I wanted to make people laugh.  Now that I know what I know about most comedians I’m glad I didn’t pursue it – I’m fucked up enough already!

7.  Just like I love all kinds of music, I love all forms of the written word.  From magazines to newspapers to fiction and non-fiction…I love it all.  I loved reading Othello as much as I loved reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  Don’t judge.  😉

Now comes the good part.  Fact is, I can’t choose from among those on my blog role for this one.  The bloggers on the sidebar of my this page all, in some way, inspire me, prop me up, make me laugh, make me cry, and have inserted their way into my heart.  I love them all.  Cop out?  Yes…get over it.

So this is obstinate me…I’m not going to pick.  I’m going to make you seek them out yourself.  And if you’re not on my blogroll and you want to be…just let me know.  I’m probably reading you anyway.

Thanks again Justine.