It’s Back to School Time!

It’s that time of year again! The kids are preparing to go back to school! I always loved having my kids home for the summer but even I will confess to being unreasonably happy when, just when I wanted to kill them and bury them in the back yard, school started again. They were truly saved by the bell. Get it? See what I did there? Don’t judge.

Anyway, it always reminded me of when I would go back to school. We didn’t have much money so clothing shopping might have included one outfit and a new pair of shoes…maybe; but what I always got was a new book back (long before the days of backpacks) and school supplies. Oh how I loved the possibilities that were indicative of a clean, untouched notebook, some sharpened #2 pencils and crayons that still had a point. I would pack everything neatly and then check and recheck the list to be sure I was ready.

Even shopping for my own kids thrilled me – maybe a little too much but again…don’t judge. For the ones in public school, which were the boys, I would drag them shopping for clothes and shoes and then we would go for school supplies. See, they loved the supply shopping as much as I did so I had to bribe them with it to get them shopping for clothes. A mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do. They would go up and down the aisles at Staples and Target looking at their lists and picking out their things. Pens, pencils (mechanical now), erasures, notebooks, folders and…of course…backpacks. A new backpack was the most important thing on the list. It was what everyone would see first. It didn’t necessarily have to be expensive but it HAD to be right. I was always very patient but I was really glad when they were old enough that we could order online.

By now I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. Not all kids get to have this experience. Some families can afford or don’t care (unfortunately this is true in some cases) to equip their kids properly for school. It was hard enough for me to be “less fortunate” than some of my classmates but it would have been almost unbearable to have to start school and borrow things like paper and pencils from the teacher. It would have infinitely more painful for me, due to life’s circumstances, to have to send my children to school unprepared. I can’t imagine that pain.

Every year my friend, Paige Davis from “Trading Spaces” and the Broadway productions of “Chicago” and “Beauty and the Beast” to name a few, lends her celebrity to Operation Backpack, an organization that strives to ensure that no child starts school without the proper supplies. If you are so inclined, you can read more about the organization here and donate to Paige’s campaign here and she’s written a lovely post on her own blog which you can read here.

To quote Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing.”


8 thoughts on “It’s Back to School Time!

  1. I can’t even begin to thank you enough. Though I should probably hate you just a little because your post is written infinitely better than mine. Hahahaha!!!!!!
    You are such a doll. I am indebted.

  2. OMG! You know Paige and you didn’t tell me? I miss Trading Spaces so much! Thank you for the work you are doing, Paige.
    But, back on subject. I loved those perfectly clean pink erasers and I remember begging my mom to buy the crayola box with more in it than it was on the list, knowing that the nuns would make us removed the extra crayons and take them home, but just for a day I would be queen of the crayons. My mom sewed mine and my sister’s back to school clothes, weeks spent standing still and being stuck by pins. I never even imagined Mom would probably rather be doing something else, too.

    1. Oh those NUNS! How did you get away with not wearing a uniform? Those pleated plaid skirts, white blouses with Peter Pan collars and those little ties that snapped at the collar. Ugh!

      Paige and I are cyber sisters. I hope to meet her in person one day soon but for now we settle for email and blogging. She’s a real doll with a heart as big as all of NYC.

  3. Hi Sherry!
    I remember when you posted about this last year!
    I have a good friend who works for a local organization that collects money and supplies for the children here in Minneapolis area.
    And as a retired teacher, I say THANK YOU to you and Paige!

    1. Then you REALLY know what this is all about! It IS a good cause and one I enjoy giving to each year. I give locally to a similar cause and to Paige’s Operation Backpack. It’s just so important.

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