Did ya ever have one of those days?

Barbados cottage

Today has been one of those days when I dream of cashing it all in and running a rum cart on the beaches of Barbados.

Except I don’t drink.

And I burn.

BUT – some days…

From time to time, especially when stress is at its peak, I sit back and wonder what my life would be like if I sold everything I own and moved to an island to live in a hut with one bedroom, a hotplate, an outdoor shower and one indoor bathroom.  No phone, no lights, no motorcar.  Not a single luxury.  You know, like Robinson Crusoe…as primitive as can be.


I mean just imagine it.  A tiny little cottage, inland of course – away from the hurricanes, with very few earthly belongings.  No debt.  Markets with fresh food everyday.  Bikes to get around on or public transportation.   I could waitress or work in a market or a library or even teach in an island school.  The hubs could tend bar or just putter around the house.  We could get to know each other again without Fox News getting in the way.  No commute to suck 90 minutes out of each week day.  Yoga on the beach at dawn.  Asleep when the sun goes down.  REAL conversation or NO conversation – whatever works.

Barbados market

Oh my GOD!  I might not ever have to wear a bra again!!!

Okay…let’s not get crazy.  No one is seeing me without a bra.

Or makeup.

Uh-oh…I’m going to need to bring my makeup.  And my shoes…I’ll need some of my shoes.  And my handbags…can’t go anywhere without them.

We are going to need a slightly bigger house.  Where is my family going to stay if we only have a small cottage?  So two, maybe three bedrooms.  Okay four…I’ll need four bedrooms.  With four bedrooms we’re going to need more bathrooms.  One bathroom for all those people will NOT work.  So at least two bathrooms…and a powder room.  Yeah, a powder room too.

Since I’m bringing my makeup I’m going to need a way to get more if I run out.  That means we’ll need internet service.  If we get internet we might as well bundle it with satellite TV – that will be good for the kids.  And if we have internet and TV we might as well throw in some cell phones right?  That way we can Facetime with the kids and the grands when they aren’t visiting our island paradise.

Damn…I’m going to need a better paying job.

Well, crap…I might as well just stay put.

Wait…what just happened?




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