Staying Home

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In April we decided that we should put our house on the market since housing prices in my area were rising and maybe, JUST MAYBE, after nine long years we were right side up in our mortgage. We started working on all the things that needed to be done but that we just couldn’t seem to ever find time to do. Cleaning and decluttering things like closets and laundry rooms. Finally cleaning out the garage. Painting the upstairs bedrooms and hall bathroom. Finishing the pergola and deck out back. When we held our open house in early May our home sparkled like when it was new and had those touches that a well-cared for and well-loved home has.

That’s when the doubts began creeping in.

I know this happens a lot. When you put your house on the market you do all the things you always wanted to do to the house and then when it’s all finally complete – you fall in love with your house all over again. Still I was convinced we needed to downsize and get a new house. I looked and looked and saw some amazing homes but I failed to fall in love. I honestly could not find anything on the market that I loved more than the home we already had. Add to that the fact that because everyone and their brother decided to sell at the same time and you have an answer to the question, “Why didn’t we get any offers?” Lots of showings. Lots of great feedback. No offers. We were priced right…I keep a close eye on that, but no offers. Hmmm…why? But I knew why. I knew the real answer. The real answer was that we weren’t supposed to move. The universe wasn’t ready for us to leave this house.

That’s not as creepy as it sounds. It’s not an Amityville thing…it’s a spiritual thing. About 20 years ago the hubs and I decided to put our house (a different house) on the market and look for a bigger home. We had four little boys and my mom had just moved in with us and we were cramped. All I could think was that if we were cramped now when they were all little munchkins, what in the world was it going to be like when they were all six feet tall with size 12 feet? So we put the house on the market, found another house and put a contingent contract on it and…


Not only did we not get an offer, we didn’t even get a showing! After 90 days we cancelled the other contract, took the house off the market and called it a day. Five years later we found my dream home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that I HAD to have. We put a contract on that house (non-contingent…what?) and put ours on the market.

It sold in 48 hours. No open house. Showings while we were home. Multiple offers. It was crazy.

And it was meant to be.

So while I was having my doubts I kept thinking that maybe God or the Universe or whatever didn’t want us to move. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. As per usual during my morning prayers in the shower I asked God to send me a sign.

That Saturday my husband went upstairs to take a shower and I went to run errands. Two hours later I came home and went into the garage…where it was raining. Yes, it was raining IN my garage. After about 20 seconds of investigation we discovered that the hubs left the water running in the sink (with the stopper in) and didn’t know it. My bedroom carpet was a swimming pool. We immediately began moving furniture and pulling up carpet and padding. It was all sopping wet. We got fans going on the sub floor and removed the dry wall and insulation from the garage ceiling. Then I made two phone calls. One to the insurance company (thank God it was covered) and one to the realtor putting everything on hold.

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At first I was distraught…how in the world would I get this fixed so we could get the house sold? Then I thought…hmmm…I’m getting new carpet. I’ll take that as a sign!

Just like that a weight came off my shoulders and a peace came over me (selling your house is stressful!) The hubs and I decided to stay and I couldn’t be happier. This may not be the house I would have picked out when we moved to this area (the hubs and the kids picked it out) and there may be things I’d still like to improve about it (new appliances and countertops) but there’s one thing it is that no other house out there is…

…it’s home.


2 thoughts on “Staying Home

  1. I wish I had trusted my gut years ago. I let my husband talk me into selling a house I loved and moving to a new city and into a house I hated but he loved because of the view. We ended up losing a lot of money when we sold that one and I still miss the other house. I just have to trust that it was meant to happen or circumstances would have stopped it from happening….like your flood!

    1. I took me a long time to love this house. We had to move for my job and the house we moved from was and still is my dream home. However, because this home is now what my kids and grandkids consider “home” I’ve come to love it…not as much as the other one but still love it. It was the right move at the right time and has been the best thing we’ve ever done as a family.

      But I still miss the other house. 😉

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