I Choose to Wear It

I promise to update you all on my weekend meltdown and recovery in my post tomorrow but today, I want to tell you about an email I received from a really cool organization.

Last week I received an email from Lauren regarding an organization called 24ave.com.  Lauren’s email read in part,

24ave.com is about living recovery out loud.  As you can see from the latest addition to their line of t-shirts, it’s now possible to state if you’re a “Sober Sister”, a “Recovery Rebel” or just make the statement that “Sobriety Kicks Ass”, these shirts have you covered.  They have a full lifestyle line, ranging from jewelry, apparel and home décor…”

Those of you who’ve been hanging with me for awhile know that I’m a firm believer in shouting my sobriety and recovery from the rooftops.  I completely support and respect all of AA’s tenets and would never “out” anyone who prefers to remain anonymous but for me, I need to rid myself of all the shame in my life and my battle with alcohol and addiction sits at the top of the hit parade.  The way I choose to do that is to speak my truth whenever possible.

Or should I say wear my truth.

I went to their site immediately and was thrilled to see all of the options.  Right away I ordered this “Sober Sisters” t-shirt and I think I’m going to need the “Progress NOT Perfection” one as well.


And if the merchandise isn’t enough to impress you, the staff, designers, photographers and writers are all in recovery.  THAT rocked my socks off.  24ave.com is, apparently, the real deal.

If you’re interested in wearing your truth go out and take a look.  They have pillows, apparel for men and women, scarves, hats and some really cool jewelry.  I told Lauren I’d post about the site after I’d gone out and had a look and in a subsequent email, she offered to send me any of the shirts in my size (which was so sweet) but it was too late…I had already ordered one.

I get excited about shit sometime yo.


13 thoughts on “I Choose to Wear It

  1. Oh I love this and will be taking a look. As to comment about anonymity….there is a documentary on Netflix that talks about this very thing. It’s called The Anonymous People and it talks about the shame factor and the secrecy vs. shouting it from the rooftops. I really loved the perspective.

  2. I love the idea. This post helped me so much because I feel like I have to hide the truth about me to “protect” me from the bad guys. Love you Sherry. Time to be honest with myself. Xo

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  3. As you know I don’t hide my recovery away.

    I do remember in my very early days I saw someone walking down the street wearing a t-shirt that said “Rehab is for quiters” I was incensed, still raw from the weeks of 12 hour days of group sessions and step work etc. I nearly went up and had a right go at him about “What did he know?” etc. Then I realised the ironic joke in the slogan… DOH!!!!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for blogging about 24ave!! I’m Francine, one of the co-founders! I’m also a mom to 7 year old triplets and battled an addiction to pain medication for 20 years, on and off. I’ve been clean for 567 days today! (YAY) I too live my recovery out loud! Mainly in the hopes that my story will inspire someone else to get clean and take that leap of faith! We do recognize that there are people who are very open to living their recovery out loud and others who would like to remain anonymous. It comes down to personal preference… That’s why we have products in our lifestyle line that scream and shout recovery/sobriety as well as those products that are under the radar. We refer to those products as “is she/he or isn’t she/he?” Yes- “progress not perfection” is about recovery, but recovery from anything…People who are choosing to simply live a healthier lifestyle relate to this saying…whether they were an addict/alcoholic or not. We also have recovery keys and other jewelry, hand-stamped with your sober/clean date and initials. The number means something to you, but leave others wondering what it means… Definitely check out our website. There is something for everyone and we continue to add to our line… Who knows what we will come out with next?!?!?!
    Have a beautiful day, everyone!!!

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