A Running Update on Fitness

See what I did with that title.  Aren’t I clever?  Hey…it’s Monday.  Give me a break.

Since running the 4 miler in the wrong shoes didn’t seem to convince me that running outside is MUCH DIFFERENT than running inside on a treadmill, I thought I’d test the theory again this weekend.  I haven’t been running outside much due to the weather and the fact that I get home after dark and there are no sidewalks in my neighborhood.  The dogs and I only venture out on the weekends when the weather cooperates.  Fortunately using my C25K app means that at least one day of the weekend is dedicated to running.


Week 3 day one should not be run outside when the rest of your program has been run on the treadmill.

Just sayin’.

So now I have two, separate c25K apps.  One that I will use when running outside (that will obviously progress at a slower rate), and my current app that I will continue to use on the treadmill.

How to Train for a 5K Without Killing Yourself, Ruining Your Knees or Exploding Your Lungs 101

I should cross-stich shit that on a pillow.

I watched my co-worker cross the finish line of the Disney Princess Half Marathon (via live feed) on Sunday.  Her partner dropped out so by the time I started texting her she was alone but still had a mile and a half to go.  I coached her via text until she crossed the line.

“Stop texting and RUN!”  How in the hell does anyone run and text.  I can’t even run and breathe much less text!

I was SO EXCITED for her.  She finished and she wasn’t swept by the balloon ladies so she’s a very happy runner today.  Now she gets to enjoy a week of vacation in Disney World.  I’m officially jealous.

Happy Monday everyone (that’s is truly the queen of oxymoron’s).



10 thoughts on “A Running Update on Fitness

  1. your legs don’t know that you are either inside or out.
    Many of us up here are fed up to here with this weather. I have battled it out in some seriously ugly temps and conditions and I am rather sick of it. I found an indoor track recently that I really like (I get to wear SHORTS!) and it breaks up the monotony of winter running. So you’re not alone. A lot of serious runners I know have been using the treadmill for much of the winter, so you’re not alone.

    Keep it up – you’re doing great.

    1. My legs may not know whether or not I’m outside or inside but they sure as hell can tell the difference between my bouncy, LEVEL treadmill and the uneven, HARD road with hills on which I run. That makes all the difference.

      I will be glad when it starts being lighter longer AND it’s warmer and somewhat dryer. Outside is just so much better.

      Thanks Paul. FYI Your journey last year (or was it the year before) is what inspired me to take this on. No pressure. 😉


      1. Aww thanks Sherry. And have it be known that folks like Christy and Kristen inspired me to get into running as well. So the pressure is on THEM…bwaa haa haa haa.

        Glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. I can’t walk and text – I collide with anything.

    I worked briefly as a consultant to a very large UK corporation. They are Health and Safety bonkers – understandable given the field they are in but in the offices some of the rules were incredible. You weren’t allowed to walk and use your phone at all – seriously – texting or talking. Secondly if you walked up or down stairs and didn’t hold the handrail you could get a warning!

    1. Wow…people here would go into WITHDRAWALS. It always amazes me when I watch people walk and text or talk on their phones. I want to say, “Look up! It’s a beautiful day!”

      Dang I sound old.


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