A Winning Weekend

So Brian didn’t win the contest to get a face to face audition for The Voice, but we had a blast, saw some amazing talent (including his rendition of Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band…which made me cry) and spent the day together.  He might not have won…but I sure did.

Oh…and he forgave me for entering him in the contest without telling him.   He tried to make me promise that I’d never do it again but…well…kid’s got talent so I couldn’t promise – but I did say I’d try.  He’s a theatre tech major (which means he does lighting and designs and builds sets) so my greatest hope is that one day someone in a production will hear him singing in the shop and convince him to be onstage.  Yeah…I know…a mom can dream right?

As I said, I bailed on the triathlon but did set some new goals.  I want to run a 5K by March and a 10K by June.  I ordered new shoes to correct for my supination (under pronation) which means I roll my feet to the outside when I walk, run, jog…whatever.  I also ordered some more compression socks because they are AWESOME!  I could really tell the difference in my feet last week on my four mile “run” as well as this week.  Definitely worth the price.

My pups ran with me on Sunday.  I walk them all the time, fairly fast but this was the first time for a run.  The Brittany was fine – I run pretty slow right now so all he has to do is lengthen his stride a little and he keeps pace with me.  The Beagle however?  She was not a happy puppy.  She has short legs and has put on quite a bit of weight as she’s gotten older.  We’re trying to manage her weight but unless she smells a rabbit – she’s a lazy girl.  Every time my C25K app told me to run, she would pull back on the leash and look at me like, “Really?  Do you really expect me to run?”  And I would look down at her and say, “Let’s go girl – you need this as much as I do.”  She’ll thank me later.

And finally, allow me to share the wit of my offspring.

My oldest at home was talking to me the other evening when I suddenly began to tidy the bonus room in which we were standing.  As he spoke, I began to straighten the loose pillows on the back of the sectional sofa.  There are 10 large pillows, five brown and five black.  As I began to turn them all the right way and alternate brown/black/brown/black the room got quiet.  Then, from behind me I hear, “The OCD is strong in this one.”

Every time I think about it I crack up.

So to you my son, “Strong sarcasm is in you.”  Proud I am so.


8 thoughts on “A Winning Weekend

  1. I love your goals! That is fantastic. Having races to look forward to are such motivators to keep working at it. You are doing fantastic.
    Aren’t our children funny? I can’t wait until the tables are turned on my son. Now that he is out on his own with a sloppy roommate, I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the complaints. (Rubbing my hands together with a sinister look on my face)

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