54 at 54 Friday Update – Week 3 (again)

8 weeks

That little gem of a picture is what is keeping me going right now.  I’m at the end of week three of my full-out fitness life and while I feel amazing I feel bigger than ever.  This always happens to me when I start a fitness plan.  I always feel bigger and not quite comfortable in my skin before things really begin to change.  So I’m taking the fact that I’m really not comfortable right now as a good sign.

All I know is that I’m not quitting.  If my size doesn’t change at all but my blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, etc. is getting better, that’s all that matters.  My only REAL goal is to live a healthful life and not die like my mother.

Quiet determination.

I love my new treadmill so much.  I’m walk/running 6-7 days a weeks for an hour.  Right now I’m at 3.2 mph (walking) but I’m inching up faster every day.  My goal is to walk at 4 mph and run at 5.  Progress not perfection.

Orientation for triathlon training is on Saturday.  I’m still not fully committed to this endeavor since I hate swimming/being wet and I hate biking and I’m not a big fan of running.  But I’m going to go and hear what they have to say.  I also just learned that I’ll have to miss the mock-tri in April because I’m going to Oklahoma for the birth of my new granddaughter.  Not sure how I feel about competing without the practice but again…we’ll see.

On a completely different note, I entered one of my twins into a contest to get a front of the line audition for The Voice in Atlanta, GA on 2/14.  Yesterday they called and told us that he made it to the next round (I had already submitted the YouTube video of his portrayal of The Beast in his senior production of Beauty and the Beast).  I’m not sure how happy he is that I entered him but he’s very pleased he made it to the next round.  If he wins this we’ll be in Atlanta next weekend!  I say “we” but that will depend whether or not he wants me with him.  Good thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

Have a great weekend!



12 thoughts on “54 at 54 Friday Update – Week 3 (again)

  1. I totally get what you mean about feeling bigger when you start a new exercise routine. (Maybe there is some science to that, ie the whole muscle weighs more than fat?) Patience is a necessity when it comes to weight loss and fitness, so visuals like the ‘Keep Going’ one here are priceless. This is an aside, but I’ve found I’m slower on a treadmill than when I run outside. I don’t know why that is, but just had to throw it out there. You’re covering a lot of miles! I’m seriously impressed. Also, a big congratulations to your son on making it to the next round! How exciting!

    1. Good to know about the treadmill – I will definitely keep that in mind. I agree there must be some science to it. I also really believe that you wear your skin for awhile and then you start to change so it doesn’t fit as well as it used to.

      I’m covering a little over 33 miles per week. I’m not sure what that means in terms of training but in terms of Scandal I just finished season 2!


    1. I know!!! I don’t know how excited he is but I’m over the moon! (However, in true parenting fashion I’m trying not to embarrass him too much.)

      I will stay strong. I’m committed to this!


      PS – Did I tell you that one of your posts inspired me to take all of this on this year? The one about your fitness regimen.

  2. Your son is so talented! I need some of your quiet determination right now. I’m trying to get back into yoga and pilates but I cry every time I work out. I know that’s a sign that my body has some crap to release. I can’t give up.

    1. Oh man! I used to do that when I did soul-touching yoga or meditation. That’s why I backed away for so long.

      Hmmm..I’m going to need to add some of that back in also. Thanks for the reminder.

      You’ll get there. We all do…eventually.


  3. WoW that’s so cool about your boy! And your fitness regime. Jealous about the treadmill. I love your determination though my friend. You are very inspiring xxx

  4. Your son is awesome! I wish I lived close so I could go see one of his performances. Is that a high school production? The set looks really sophisticated!

    You are doing so well, and I LOVE this weekly update. I am in awe of your progress 🙂

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