54 at 54 Friday Update – Week 2 (again)

I’ve been keeping my Wellness Journal since my treadmill showed up and, in that, I just wrapped up week 2.  I’m getting old people – I can’t keep one week count on the blog and one in the journal so I’m on week 2 again.  Don’t judge.

It’s been a really good week.  I walked over 64,000 steps and watched whatever the equivalent of that is on Scandal.  On Wednesday evening I had a therapist hangover (that’s when I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck because of the emotional work I have to do) and I REALLY did not want to work out.  I mean really, really.  In fact, all I wanted to do was go home and climb up into bed and sleep.


So I got on the treadmill and walked for an hour.  I felt amazing after of course and so damn proud of myself.  You might wonder why I didn’t just crawl up into bed with my iPad and watch.  I mean really…it’s available to watch anytime for god’s sake!

Because it’s against the rules!!!!  No watching Scandal unless I’m sweating on my treadmill.  Hey…whatever works right?

...unless you're watching Scandal.
…unless you’re watching Scandal.

I’m “running” a four miler on Sunday morning.  Fortunately my coworker (who is 29!!!) is running it with me.  She’s training for a half-marathon at Disney at the end of the month.  This is my first official race.  I have encouraged her to leave me in the dust…she definitely won’t hurt my feelings.  The only thing that has me nervous is that they say you have to complete it in under an hour.  I don’t mind NOT completing it in that time since this is my first and I will likely be walking a lot more than I’ll be running but I’m a little nervous about what happens after an hour.  Do they follow behind you in a car and shout that the race is over and by the way, you’re a loser?  Do they pack up the finish line and take it away at the end of that time?

Seasoned runners out there…please tell me what humiliation awaits me when I get my first DNF.  It won’t stop me from running.  I just want to be prepared.

women running

Diet.  Meh.  Healthy whole foods.  No fast food (I never eat that anyway).  Still having chips but a lot less sugar this week.  In fact, almost none.  That’s a biggie

Weight?  Down a pound which is the goal.  But I’m not getting on the scale again until I finish a month on the treadmill.  They say it takes 4 weeks for you to see changes in your body, 8 weeks for family and friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  That sounds like great timing for weigh-ins as well.

You all have a beautiful, warm and safe weekend.  Oh…and wish me luck!


23 thoughts on “54 at 54 Friday Update – Week 2 (again)

  1. My brisk walking pace is around 15 minutes per mile. So if you figure you just walked, you would finish in about an hour. I’ve seen pace guidelines in many races, but I’ve never seen it enforced. How funny/scary to think of someone trailing just behind, megaphone and whip in hand, ha. Don’t sweat it. Okay, sweat it but only in the physical sense. 4 milers are challenging and fun, with the emphasis on fun. Go Sherry!

    1. Mine pace is the same…still makes me nervous but hearing that no one will be trailing me with a bullhorn…I feel better. Thanks Kristen – I really did wonder about that!


  2. i throw away my scale over 2 years ago. The only time i get weighed now is at dr. appts.
    one less thing to obsess about in my book!
    when you finish Scandel, I say give friday Night Lights a run…

  3. Hi Sherry!

    I am overdue in commenting, so get ready to get a slew from me… these days I’m reading on my phone, but detest commenting using that tiny keyboard, so I wind up delayed in the comments. Long-winded preface aside…

    I am super excited for you, and super inspired by you. At some point I am going to figure out how to contact you directly and give more details that would be appropriate for a comment, but for now let’s leave it as… you are helping me in so many ways with this documentation!

    I’m not quite at the starting line yet, but I’m getting myself ready to join you in these trenches. Thanks so much for this running update, and speaking of runs, what about this as a possibility:

    as you hit the 1 hour mark, they bring out a line of army-like guys who block you from crossing the finish line 😉

    I can’t wait to hear about this race, and 4 miler is INCREDIBLE… YOU ROCK!

    1. Just click on “contact me” and use that email. (the sherryd32148 one) We can start there!

      As long as the army guys are the little green ones from toy story – it’s all good!


  4. Good luck with your run, and don’t worry if you dnf. They won’t be chasing you with a mega phone! One strategy you might want to try is walk 1 minute, slow jog 2 minutes. It’s actually not difficult and it will almost guarantee a finish within the 1 hour time frame😃

  5. Good luck!! I can barely do 200 meters at crossfit so I have no idea what happens if you ‘don’t finish fast enough’? I think just getting out to START is enough!! Proud of and inspired by you. Oh, and, House of Cards season 3 is starting soon. That could be a treadmill watch 😄

    Good luck again! Can’t wait for the update.



  6. It means they come with the paddy wagon and drive you to the finish line. 🙂
    The real answer is, If it is a race that is blocking roads, and has police officers to direct traffic, they will be gone after an hour. The roads will be reopened, and traffic will resume. If they have a clock and timing people, they will probably not be at the finish line after an hour either, but so what. Finishing is what counts, no matter how long it takes. Just don’t get hit by a car. (I almost did one day, really close, really scary.)
    Good Luck, and #1 race rule is have fun!! Get the swag bag, and the shirt! Plus they have snacks at the end, healthy ones, like bananas and granola bars.
    You will be great. Races always pump up the adrenaline and you will amaze yourself at how well you do.
    I didn’t even place in a race until I got into the 50+ group. Since then I have won my age group 3 times! All downhill now that I am moving toward the middle of the pack.
    Have a great time, and post a photo with you in your race gear, with your number on!! 🙂

  7. Giggling the whole way through. I remember when I was working on “commitment keeping” as it’s own individual project. This particular night my husband did not get home until 9-ish. I still remember crying as I put on my running shoes to head out the door. There was no way I was going to break that commitment… at least that day! I learned so much about me in the moment. Thank you for sharing this. You’ve brought back some great memories. Good luck in race tomorrow. Excited for you! love and such, me

  8. Hey, I’m not a runner or even much of a walker, but I really enjoyed a 5k mud run I did a couple years ago. There were some hardcore types who were in it for time and punishment, but everyone else was in it for fun. Because mud. A bunch of adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages scrambling through mud pits and climbing over (or walking around) obstacles. If you’re ever interested in a race that doesn’t even feel like a race, google: mud run (your city).


  9. As some of the fine folks said, if you do a combo walk/run you should be totally fine! Like Kristen said, a brisk walk is about 15 min mile, so if you walk / run you will make it no problems. And hey, if not, they do reopen traffic and you just go by the sidewalks. I guarantee you won’t be the last person. You will have a blast!

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