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Do you guys remember the show “Trading Spaces” on TLC?  Do you remember it’s beautiful and engaging host Paige Davis?  Well I do.  In fact my entire family fell in love with her while watching the reality show that started it all.  “Trading Spaces” was the first and the best of all home improvement shows.

And Paige made you feel like you were part of the family.

Paige Davis

Then she signed on for the TLC show “A Wedding Story” which I loved as well and I got to watch as she married the love of her life, Patrick Page (yes…technically if she had taken his name she would have been Paige Page…long story).  I cried as I do at all weddings when they said I do.  (That show and “A Baby’s Story” always made me cry.)

So one day not too long ago, my husband was walking through the living room when he said, “I wonder what ever happened to Paige Davis?” which is code for, “Google it Sherry.”

So I did.

Turns out she’s got her own website, is still a successful actress and dancer, still married to that wonderful man AND writes a pretty amazing blog.  She wrote a post that saved my son’s life (you’ll have to read it on her blog to find out how…how’s THAT for a teaser) and I’ve been a faithful reader ever since. (Can anyone say ‘serendipity’?  I think that you can.)  I also comment on almost every post because I know how much that means to a new blogger…even if they are celebrities.

ANYWAY, I’ve never linked her blog to mine before because I didn’t know if it was something she’d be okay with and I was too shy to ask; but her post yesterday gave full on permission so, without further ado, I give you Positively Paige.  Please read, comment and like.  She’s really is a fantastic writer.

Also, one of her friends has started a petition to get her on Dancing With the Stars.  Since it’s one of her dreams AND only takes a second – go ahead and sign it if you are so inclined.

Either way, I encourage you to read her blog – it’s really, really good.  And it will make you smile.


12 thoughts on “Trading Blogs

  1. Thank you. I read Patrick’s post about depression and i am crying tears of familiarity and relief.
    I too refused to admit or accept i was suffering from depression for a lobg time. In 2014 i finally had a deep episode that scared me to my core and convinced me to set aside my “beliefs” about antidepressants and try one. I had the good fortune of finding one that works for me quickly.
    It has saved my life. And it has helped open my eyes to the possibililties of life that i never believed in.

    1. Exactly. I say the same thing all the time and I spend a lot of time and energy doing what Patrick did…trying to educate people and potentially saving their lives.

      Thanks for this beautiful comment.


  2. Trading Spaces! Paige! (Was it Doug who liked to paint all the fireplace brick? That drove me crazy. I digress.) What a touching story you shared in her comments of what was a powerful post. I’m really glad you posted this 1) for your son. Everyone struggles with staying on depression meds, it seems. It’s not a black and white issue and so hard to know the right thing to do for ourselves. and 2) because I am going to follow her blog now. Thanks for putting her back on my radar!

  3. I think I will check her blog out. Also, discovery kids had a show known as “trading places boys vs girls.” Kind of a spin off or a ripoff. You can Youtube that bad boy and tell me.

  4. She is so cute. You shared her hubs blog post with me awhile back… accurate, so true, and I think so powerful to share the knowledge that none of us are alone. I will be checking her sites out. Thanks Sherry….and thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my blog too. I always LOVE hearing from you. ❤

    1. It really is. I think that’s why my son was able to connect with it. The fact that he’s a man and in theatre really showed my son that even men can be clinically depressed and that it’s okay to accept help.

      When I say that she and Patrick saved my son’s life, it’s not an exaggeration.


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