This and That and…Oh Yeah, I’ve Lost My Effing Mind

Strange weekend at my house.  My other twin moved on to campus and mama ain’t taking it well.  I go in to see the shrink this week for a check up and, among other things, I’m going to discuss my bout with depression last year and this whole empty nesting thing.  Might be time for a bump/change in medication OR some extra visits with the therapist.  We’ll see.

The oldest is struggling with the fact that his two younger brothers are moving on and into life and he’s still stuck at home because of his limited eyesight.  He’s waiting to hear about a job (prayers and good wishes are welcome) which I’m sure will help but the fact remains that my husband will have to drive him to and from work – all of which weighs on him.  He worries about “putting us out” and having to rely on other people.  I told him that we all have to rely on others from time to time and the time will come when he can pay it forward.

The job is located further south about 30 minutes than where we now live.  However, a few things are happening which has the wheels rolling around in my head.  First, housing prices in my area are on the rise and it might not be too long before we are no longer upside down in our mortgage.  I’m not expecting to make any kind of profit but breaking even would be a dream.

Secondly, it’s always been my dream to own an old home.  Ideally a Craftsman bungalow but I keep my options open.  The problem is that they are either located in the worst part of town OR they are right next to a city meaning I’d have to pay $500,000 for 1800 sf and still have to upgrade the kitchens and baths.  Not exactly my tax bracket.

But the little town in which this job is located has quite a few of these houses at very reasonable prices.  In fact, they are at prices that would give our financial picture a boost and free up some much needed cash flow.  The commute would be a bitch for me but I could handle it since it would mean that my son could walk to work.

I know I’m thinking way too far ahead.  It’s what I do.  So I’m turning it over to God since a lot would have to fall into place for all of this to work.  If it’s meant to be…then it will.  If not, then He’s got something much better lined up for us.

Moving on…

I’m thinking more and more about my Whole 30 and I’m shooting for February (thanks Viv & Gil).  Since I raided the chocolate chips last night I think I’m going to need 30 days of extremely clean eating to get my self back in balance.  I’m getting to the point that I hate sugar as much as I hate cigarettes and alcohol – maybe not the actual substances (well…except for nicotine) but certainly what they do to my body.

Now – the part about losing my fucking mind.  This weekend I signed up to train for a triathlon to be held in June.  Yeah…I know…I’m crazy but here’s the thing, we have a group in my area of the world call Tri It For Life.  They specialize in training women for their first ever triathlon, ideally the Ramblin Rose Triathlon that’s held here every year.

I’ve had a few friends who have done this with varying success.  As usual, you get out of it what you put in.  The triathlon is made for first timers and even children run it.  You can dog paddle the swim, walk the 5K and even walk your bike if you want – the key is to complete it.  Which, no matter what, I will.  How well I will is all up to me.

Orientation is February 7th and the race is scheduled for June 7th.

God I am an idiot…but I’m an idiot committed to making fitness happen for me this year.



16 thoughts on “This and That and…Oh Yeah, I’ve Lost My Effing Mind

  1. The triathlon sounds totally doable! You’ll be in good hands with plenty of time for training and who knows what support and even friendship might spring forth. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to hear more!

  2. I think your house plan is quite ingenious! And so touching that you would sacrifice your time just so your son could potentially walk to his job. May things work out as they need to!

  3. I’m so excited about your triathlon! I’ve always wanted to do one but haven’t quite had the guts. Keep us posted, please. And here here on the clean eating. Best wishes for your son, and for you on the long term dreams and plans. xo

    1. I’m excited too! This group I joined really makes it easy for women of all ages, weights, etc. to get fitness minded. If not for that, I’m sure I’d never have even thought of one. I hate biking, I hate running and I hate being wet…but I LOVE being fit and this sounded like a great way to get there.


  4. Brave on the tri! I can’t swim at all, so it’s out of my league, so you’re my hero!!

    I like what you said to your oldest about paying it forward. And yes…prayers out on him getting a gig!


    1. Yeah…fingers crossed on the gig thing. As for the tri…I hate being wet but I CAN swim and it’s only 250 meters (whatever that is…I’m just a stupid American). I can do anything for a short period of time and the training is actually what I need. The Tri is just the icing.

      It’s the journey…not the destination right?

      Thanks for the support Paul.


  5. A triathlon!?!?!?! Good luck with that – I’ll be right there, cheering you on… from the comfort of an arm chair! I have great admiration for you even considering it… I wouldn’t! :LOL

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