Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you all felt the joy of the season in your hearts.  This is a time of year that I struggle with getting it “right” which usually ends up ruining at least part of it for me.  This year I made a concerted effort to LET GO of a lot of that crap and just try to be present, in the moment and enjoy all the things I love about the Christmas season.

Guess what?

It worked.

I was able (for the most part – progress not perfection right) to enjoy the holidays warts and all.  Even when my boys showed up Christmas morning without a gift for dear old mom, I was able to laugh and tease them rather than retreat to my pity party.  What’s more, it got me an after Christmas Water-Pik guilt gift which I desperately needed.  Score!

I also let them know that as long as they are on the planet and sharing love on Christmas with me (whether face to face or via phone, FaceTime or Skype) there would never be a “ruined” Christmas.

But I did tease the hell out of them.  Give me a break…I’m old…I’m sober…I don’t smoke (anything)…my pleasures are minimal.  ( 😉 )

I also ate my weight in sugar this holiday season even though I only made three types of cookies and two types of fudge…oh…and a chocolate chip pound cake.  There were days where all I ate were carbs.  Yep…I said it.  Don’t judge.

Which brings me to the second part of this post.

Happy New Year!!!

In a few days we move into 2015.  My 54th year on the planet and my 5th year in sobriety. Also approximately my 10th year carrying extra weight.  All of those things have combined to create high triglycerides (still), knees that are shot, clothes that are a size I didn’t think I’d EVER see, and an overall bad attitude and self-esteem that follows me into every day and hangs over me like a sad little cloud created just for me.


I haven’t made a real New Year’s Resolution since I quit drinking five years ago.  I’ve made pseudo-resolutions like a commitment NOT to diet and to be kinder to myself (how’s that working for you Sherry), or to “treat myself better” or some similar bullshit.  It all results in me entering yet another new year feeling like crap and promising to be better to myself.


So here’s how I’m going to roll this year.

I’ve been slowing down on the posts on this site lately.  I think it’s because I just don’t have that much to say about my sobriety and recovery anymore.  When I “go there” it feels very negative (I know it’s not negative but it’s how I feel).  I’m a lot of things but negative isn’t one of them.  So I’ve been struggling with posting.  I guess I’m just not feeling inspired.

I’ve decided to focus instead on a new site.  54 at 54. (It won’t be live until the 5th.)

This site will be dedicated to my 2015 resolution to lose 54 pounds in my 54th year and regain my health.  It’s important.  It’s redeeming.

It’s time.

So, beginning January 5th (I never start resolutions on the 1st…I’m stubborn that way) I will be posting daily on this new site.  Now, before you decide you want to follow me let me warn you about some things…number one being that it might be boring.

Very boring.

I’m going to use the new blog as a way to remain accountable.  I’ll be listing every piece of food or drop of drink that goes into my face.  I’ll also be posting about exercise and my resolution to get up every day, at 5:30 a.m. (jeez that hurts to type) and do some type of exercise.  I’ll write about how I’m feeling, what the doctor has to say about my numbers and whether or not my chronic heartburn and knee pain is alleviated.  There may also be some bitching, complaining and…gasp…whining.

See…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The plan in the beginning is to eat only protein, fruits, vegetables and complex (very complex) carbohydrates.  I’ll be up at 5:30 everyday except Sunday.  M-W-F will be cardio (I’ll be buying a new treadmill with my bonus this year) and T-Th will be yoga.  At first I will not be counting calories.  I’ll try that on for a while and see how it goes.

I will also be posting my weight.

Yep…I went there.  THAT’s how committed I am to this.  I, a soon to be 54-year-old American woman is going to put her weight and weight loss progress on the internet for the entire world to see.

Oh shit.

Of course I’ll be writing here on my original site when the mood strikes about anything other than those 54 pounds.  Kids, hubs, sobriety, recovery, therapy, work, you know, the usual, but I’m anticipating spending a lot more time over at 54 at 54.  I would love it if you’d pop on over but trust me, I’ll understand if you refrain.  Not sure I could put up with me at this point.

If you do follow me over, I’d love any recipes, advice, workouts, plans, etc. that you want to share.  I’m open to any and all advice at this point because, even though, in a former life, I was a gym rat and really fit, that ship has sailed.   I am an beginner (that also hurts to type and admit) and so I’m open to whatever advice comes my way.

So wish me luck.  Merry Christmas and Happy, happy HAPPY New Year!



24 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  1. I would love to join you! I tried to do 40 by 50 a number of years ago, unfortunately I was not successful. I started my weight loss again in October, and was down 10 lbs by Christmas. I’m pretty sure I put 5 back on over the holidays:(…so I’m ready to start again with you on January 5. I will even post my weight and age:). One tool I found really helpful was ‘my fitness pal’ . It’s a free app available through the App Store.

    1. I’m a longstanding member of My Fitness Pal. The only problem is that I get a little OCD when I use it. I’m going to try not to use it in the beginning…but i’m not ruling it out.

      You are more than welcome to join me in this and bravo for being brave enough to post your…gulp…weight.


  2. Check out precision nutrition. I have been involved in many fitness programs over the years. I must say, they are the best.

    As an aside, a few years ago i did the ideal protein diet. It is a very restrictive, fast weight loss diet. It worked well for me, although it fed into my perwonql disordered eating/ OCD tendencies.

    If you are looking for fast weight loss and don’t have ahistory of eating dosorders i think it is also,worth checking out.

    Studies show weigt loss-fast or slow- is very hard to maintain.

    Good luck.

    1. I’ll look into both of those. I’ve always fought with my weight but had made peace and maintained a healthy weight from my early twenties to my mid-forties. Now I’ve got a slower metabolism so I like a noob at this. 😉

      Thanks for the tips!


      1. I had really only ever gained after my kids were born. Suddenly I was 39 and 40 pounds overweight. Ideal protein worked for that. I maintain now without much stress.

  3. Sherry, don’t leave me!! (Okay, completely self serving, but my associate sponsor told me I could be self involved.)
    Congratulations on your new endeavor. I will faithfully follow. I look forward to your humor on your new blog.
    But PLEASE don’t leave me.
    The only advice I can give is that exercise and weight loss are a lifestyle change. (Just like getting sober.) Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. You also have to be very careful about denying yourself certain foods. If you want a cookie, have ONE cookie. You can still loose weight. Calories in have to be less than calories burned. Denial can lead to overindulgence later. Your weight loss will happen, just slowly, so be patient with your progress.
    Sounds like something else we have done, right?
    PS Sherry DON’T LEAVE ME!!

    1. I would NEVER leave you! I can’t get through my day without catching up on all of my fellow bloggers. You keep me sane!

      I just need to get back to the lifestyle I used to lead because you are right – there are no “diets” – just healthy lifestyles that lead to long term, healthy weight loss.

      Love and hugs my friend,

  4. Sounds cool, Sherry! I have been getting more into fitness lately and have read a lot about the benefits of lifting weights to increase metabolism/lose weight. Might want to look into a bit! Hope this doesn’t come across as bossy- I find it interesting and wish you the best of luck. Hugs and Happy New Year!

  5. I LOVE this idea!!!! I’ve considered doing the same thing except with flipping organization. I’m tossing ideas around in my head but haven’t executed anything yet. Shocking, right?

    You can totally do this, and I absolutely agree that being forthcoming and posting daily will give you accountability and motivation. I began following a blog late this year called 365 days to less clutter (can’t find it at the moment) but she posted everyday and her results were incredible.

    Happy New Year!!!

    1. We can do this! Maybe you should go back to her blig and follow it day by day and just do what she did?

      I don’t know…what I do know is that each attempt we make is progress and if we’re moving that means we’re not moving backward…and some days that’s enough.



  6. Following.

    I am excited for you, Sherry. Just watch how much pressure you put on yourself. We are human after all! Even with all the running and stuff, I am still carrying 10 or so extra pounds, much of it midwaist. That is carb / sugar belly stuff. No amount of running / cardio will kill that off. Much of our weight loss is food related, not exercise related, as you know. But I know how exciting and daunting it can be to tackle something like the body. the most success I have had is when I make the subtle (and perhaps not so subtle) switches as part of a lifestyle, rather than a drastic turn.

    Good luck – I can’t wait to see how it goes for you!

    Hugs and Happy new year!

  7. Yeah, Sherry! Looking forward to reading about your progress and giving you words of encouragement! I ate a metric fuck ton of sugar over the holidays. I have issues with sugar, like I do with booze. Once I start, I cannot stop. And then once I’m on a roll with the sugar, I tend to throw in the towel on healthy eating for the rest of the day. I don’t do resolutions, but I want to lay off the sugar and move more. We can do this!

    xo – KC

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