Think Pink

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and all of those other wretched diseases that lay waste to our loved ones and their families…

pink hair

Consider giving your time, money or prayers.  (Or just do something stupid like dye your hair pink for the month to raise awareness.)  There are so many ways to fight these ugly and heartbreaking diseases (which includes alcoholism and drug addiction to name but a few).


14 thoughts on “Think Pink

    1. You know, you mentioned your voice recognition computer the other day and I wondered if you were blind. My dad lost his eyesight to RP when I was a kid and my son has optic nerve hypoplasia and has very limited sight. You technology has really peaked my interest.

      Anyway, my pic is of me with pink streaks in my hair. Nothing too dramatic.


    1. OOOOOOO do it!!!! It’s so fun!

      Fact is, it fades really fast so you won’t likely be stuck with it long. Mine is “permanent” but anything in the red category fades like the dickens.

      Thanks for saying I look “cool”. Great boost for the old lady ego!


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