Blogroll Drama

Do you guys get as excited as I do when you see your blog in someone else’s blogroll?  I don’t know about you but I get downright giddy when I look and see that someone who I respect and admire has me in their “Bloggers Who Inspire Me” or their “Blogs I Follow” or their “A Few of My Favorites” or their “whatever-they-call-it”.  It’s a rush.

Hell…even if I don’t particularly like a blog I get a rush if I’m in their blogroll.

I also admit to being disappointed when I don’t see my blog in a blogroll.  Small and petty yes but it is what it is.  It’s middle school all over again and no one wants me for kickball (trust me, I wouldn’t have picked me either).

So when I saw my blog NOT in a blogroll today I started thinking, “I wonder when they last even looked at their blogroll,” which then led to…

“OMG!  When was the last time I looked at my blogroll?”

Which made me look…which made me cringe…which resulted in this post.

See, it’s like this…

I was once on Blogger with one blog and then decided to stop that blog and start a new one on Blogger which I then decided to shut down and focus on the first but then I decided to pop on over to WordPress which I found too complicated to so I went back to Blogger and the original blog except that spam became awful and I didn’t want to have my readers do the word verification thing so I moved over to WordPress again and this time made it work except…

(deep breath)

…except that I don’t really like their reader and it doesn’t work on my work computer so I can’t read from there even if I wanted to so that’s when I went back to just reading on Blogger except that some of the feeds won’t work on Blogger so someone told me about Feedly but I didn’t like that either so I’m back reading on Blogger every day except for those feeds that won’t work in which case I’ve subscribed to their blogs if possible and I read them from my email or I go back to WordPress once I get home and read them from there.  So…

(deep breath)

…by my calculations I’ve got about eight different blog rolls going and I read approximately 495.3 blogs a day and comment on most so please don’t get your panties in a wad or your boxers in a bunch like I did if you don’t see your blog in any of my eight…no make that ten blogrolls because I promise that if you comment on my blog and you have a blog – I’m reading because I can’t make it through a day without my friends/therapists/writers out here in blogland.


I do realize that blogrolls are a great way for all of us to discover new blogs and increase our readers so I’m going to make a concerted effort to update my blogroll soon.

The problem is it only holds 50 blogs at a time.  That still leaves 445.3 out there…maybe I’ll rotate them.  😉



20 thoughts on “Blogroll Drama

  1. I used to be the same…got so excited to see little ol me in the blogroll. But I think we all got to know one another and eventually saw the same names all the time…lol. Of course, there are so many more blogs, more than I can keep up with, to be honest…so I will scan, and often Like and comment when I can. But as for the blogroll…yeah, guilty on the not keeping up. I have been tempted to remove it outright, but I know that I started out here, the only way I was able to find cool cats like you was creeping on other people’s BR’s. So I will keep it. And I promise to update it.

    But as you mentioned, the BR’s have a limit. I have found a work around solution to that, so I can play with them, as many as I want. When I do my next housecleaning, I am also going to keep only active blogs on there too. In the end, they are great hubs into other people’s worlds 🙂

  2. Had a good giggle! I feel very honored to be on your blog roll so thank you 😉 believe me, if my blog design had that function, I would add you too! I suppose “high-school” drama never truly ends. We just grow older and wider (and not necessarily wiser)

  3. I don’t mind not being on your list of recommended blogs 😉 I’m just grateful that you read and comment on my blog! And I have NO idea how to set up a list of blogs I like on my own blog! I’ve only just worked out how to edit my posts when I make mistakes. Baby steps. Annie x

  4. I really started my blog because I was commenting so much and couldn’t keep track.
    My hope is to encourage people to stick with it until they see the joy. And to stay sober myself!

    1. It just feels so good to let it out and then let the sober blogging community send the love – especially when you can’t love yourself. I’m not sure where I’d be without it.


  5. Hey Sherry, I used to keep up with mine, but find new bloggers come and go so quickly and even old bloggers come and go and take breaks etc… I think the best way to find blogs is through clicking on comments. But I also like what Heather did when she added a new page (like an about page) but just used it to list blog links. She invited people to comment with their blog links or blogs they enjoyed reading. It’s hard to keep a huge list updated and current…you could always just do ten at random each month… But I wouldn’t stress out over it.

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