Florida Beach Rehab Article

Guess what?

No really…guess.

I wrote my first article!

Mrs. D referred me to Florida Beach Rehab because they were looking for “writers” (am I really a writer!?!) to write pieces for the website.  I never thought in a million years my idea or article would be accepted. 

But it was!!!  Thank you Joanna for all your help.

Here’s the link.  http://www.floridabeachrehab.com/moderation-mis-management/

Take a peek.  I’m kind of really excited about this in case you didn’t notice all the !!!!!!


16 thoughts on “Florida Beach Rehab Article

  1. That was an excellent article. You captured how I felt about alcohol so closely. I like the silence I hear when I wake up in the morning too.
    I plan to keep it.
    Have a great day!

    1. Isn’t it amazing? Sometimes now, when I walk to the bus, I’ll put in my earbuds but not put anything on my phone. I’ll just walk and listen to the quiet. Joyous.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Brilliant article, and just what I needed before going out tonight. I’m on Day 27 but I’m struggling. I keep meaning to ask you if you’d have a look at my blog? If you’ve got time! It’s at: annieuk101.wordpress.com
    Love Annie x

  3. That was a great article and I’ve bookmarked it to share with my friends. I’m coming on 9 months now and while I have told the people closest to me that I’ve stopped drinking I haven’t been able to articulate what led me to the decision. Your article is so close to my experience that I feel that I can share it in order to make others understand what it was like for me. Thank you and may your writing bring you some of the light you’re able to give to others. Namaste.

  4. Great article and yes I felt the same feelings about moderation. I tried it and could stick with it for a few days, maybe a few weeks and then, back to my old habits. Moderation can work for some, but for me, not drinking is better. I am at 10 1/2 months, I never thought I could get this far and definitely wouldn’t have without committing to reading blogs. I recently had a nice experience where I was talking to some very casual work acquaintances and they were talking about what type of wine they like and I just said very easily, I don’t drink. It felt so freeing to just say, I don’t drink. Up until recently I always felt I had to have an explanation about why I don’t drink, but moving forward I think I can just breezily say, no thanks, I don’t drink. How very freeing.
    Sherry, it was nice to see your picture on the article.

  5. Congratulations! Great article. I am sure you will help others. I love that you credited the Sober Blogging Network. I too feel that my SBN has been more helpful for me than AA.

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