A week or so ago, I received an email from a young man (I’m assuming) who wrote –

Dear Sherry,
I’m Brett and I’m a recovering alcoholic/pothead with three years of sobriety.  I founded because when I looked online to watch videos of people talking about getting sober on YouTube there were very, very few videos.  I was in serious disbelief in my discovery or lack of a discovery. 
One year later I have launched and there are already 7 videos for people to watch with more to be regularly released.  Since I’m one who regularly bites more than I can chew the website has more than just videos.  The website has a blog and I was hoping if I could post some of your blog posts on my website?  I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you for being a voice about an incredibly taboo subject.

-Brett Taylor

So naturally, being the attention hog that I am, I told him to post anything of mine he felt would work on his site.  AND I promised that I’d check out the site AND MAYBE post about it on my blog.

You guys…it’s a pretty awesome site.  His passion for videos makes the sites more relevant in today’s You Tube world and perhaps appeals to a younger generation.  They post written things as well (or else nothing I do will have a snowball’s chance of making it on the site) but I think the most captivating part is the videos.  Imaging reaching out on the internet and actually SEEING someone talking to you about why they are sober and how they got there.  Genius!

I realize that this might make some of you uncomfortable because you believe deeply in the concept of anonymity but that’s not my cup of tea.  I’m all about being out there, telling my story and hoping that it will help others.  Although let me state that I have NO intention of appearing on a video that will post on the internet.  After all, the camera adds 10 50 pounds!!!  Why would I do that?

Anyway, if you’re out there Brett then brav-the-hell-O dude.  Great job!



8 thoughts on “

  1. While I am in a program that encourages anonymity, I certainly love the march towards breaking stigma and getting out there. So these videos are fantastic (I watched two of them). We all have our reasons for anonymity / non-anonymity and they are all valid for us. But I really enjoy seeing and reading about others who are okay with letting it all hang out, so to speak!

    Thanks for sharing this…and welcome back??


    1. I feel the same way. I don’t think anyone should be in anyone else’s box (does that even make sense?) but that we should all approach our sobriety in whatever way works. I love this option.


  2. Sherry, you make me laugh so hard! Maybe we could airbrush the video so that you would be more comfortable? Because now I REALLY WANT TO SEE YOU DO A VIDEO!!

    Love that the man asked you for material, no one could be better to reach the masses than you! And as soon as I am done with my newsfeed catch-up, I am heading over there myself to give my encouragement.

    Thanks for this info, and I’m so happy you are back 🙂

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