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So the other day two really good things happened.  First, my blogger buddy Bcubed (which is my nickname for her so don’t get attached) over at Bye Bye Beer, gave me a shout out in her blog about an ongoing project that gives bloggers the chance to share their writing process and tag other unsuspecting bloggers (that was right from her blog post – word for word – I leveraged it yo).

Anyway, I always get happy when I see a post from Kristen pop up in my reader because I know I’m going to be lulled.  Yes lulled.  She has a way of writing that just makes me feel calm and easy and…well…lulled.  Doesn’t matter whether she’s writing about sobriety, our shared love of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay, cleaning bathrooms or her grandmother – it’s all lovely.  I so look forward to her posts.  So thank you Kristen for calling me out on this one.  I’m game…let’s go.


What am I working on now?

I’m working on getting out of this depression and feeling better about myself.  I’m working on finishing the redecorating of the house.  I’m working on getting my eating habits back on track so I don’t die a sick old woman like my mom and I’m working pretending everything is FINE until the first task in this list is fixed.  At this immediate moment I’m working on getting 60 trainees through their log on activities for their new laptops.  Pray for me.

Oh…you meant writing?  Carry on.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

I’m not sure that you’d call what I do out here “work”.  I pretty much just mentally throw up on the page.  Kristen called me a straight shooter and I take that as a wonderful compliment because, no matter what, I try to always be upfront and honest.  So maybe that’s how I’m different.  Nothing is TMI where I’m concerned and, mostly because I don’t have to deal with most of you face to face, you get the full impact of whatever I’m thinking. 

Sometimes it’s random like young people swearing around two-year olds and sometimes it’s a well thought out idea or problem with which I’m struggling that needs to be processed.  Often I’ll just sit down and stare at the screen until something comes to mind.  Sometimes it’s a prayer to the Universe or just a thank you to God.

No matter what it is, it’s all me all the time cursing my way through life.

Why do I write/create what I do?

That’s the easiest question of all…it’s my therapy.  Like most alcoholics, I tend to hear voices (demons, beasts, whatever).  It’s the running dialog in my head.  It’s quieter now and not as frequent but it’s still there, annoying the shit out of me.  So I do what I can do to shut it the fuck up.  I write about it.  Once it’s out of my head and on to the page, I can look at it, examine it, process it and, hopefully, let it go.  It’s been working for 460 something posts so I think I’ll just keep going.

Because the honest to God truth is that even if no one read one word I’d still have to write it to stay sane.

How does my writing/creating process work?

Usually while I’m praying in the shower, or driving to work, or having a conversation with the hubs or the kids, or…oh who am I kidding? I have no idea how the hell this works!  It’s in my head, I want it out, I put it on the page, sometimes people read, sometimes people comment, I feel better.  The end.

Now to the fun part.  Now I get to call out bloggers that inspire me and make me happy.  Many have already been tagged, Karen from Mended Musings, Paul from Message in a Bottle, Allie from And Everything Afterwards and of course Kristen (or Bcubed as I like to call her), but there are still a few gems that I get to claim.


My friend Amy from Soberbia.  Amy writes directly from the heart and has a way with words that makes me sigh with envy every time I read one of her posts.  Her voice is clear and honest and true.  She’s hip and cool and my friend and that makes me very happy.  She has a wonderful plan about where to take her blog and I hope I get to see it.  She’s helped so many people with her wit and wisdom and I love her.

Good2begone.  This dude had me at hello.  He writes about sobriety and life and parenting and a whole host of other topics too numerous to mention.  What he REALLY does well is write short stories that he unfairly breaks up into segments that leave me begging for more like one of Pavlov’s dog.  I keep telling him he needs a publisher (as does his wife I think) but to date I don’t believe he has one.  As long as he keeps writing them I really don’t care.  He did give me a wonderful gift last Christmas.  He sent an email with a picture and his real name.  I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.  He’s a cool guy who also happens to be laid up right now because of a recent injury.  Pop on over and give him a read and leave a nice comment.  It makes people heal faster I swear.  Oh did I mention funny?  Yeah…that too.

Annette at Just for Today.  I’ve been following Annette for a few years now and we’ve become friends.  Whether it’s over our kids or dieting or the most recent facial cleansing method we’ve posted/commented about all of it.  She’s active in Al-Anon and I’m a recovering alcoholic so maybe it’s the opposites attract thing but I just love the way she writes.  She has a beautiful way of stringing words together and often I think I can actually see her heart in her words.  She’s kind and compassionate and I love her guts.

Sober Learning.  I was going to mention her and say that I hadn’t heard from her in a while but go out and read her anyway cause she’s awesome and blah, blah, blah.  Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link to get the link to link to this post (are you following me…cause I’m lost) and realized THAT I HAD THE WRONG LINK AND SO HER POSTS HAVE NOT BEEN POPULATING MY READER!  So I’ve got some catching up to do, I suggest you do the same.  She’s in her first year of sobriety which means she can always use some additional encouragement.  Plus she’s pretty damn cool imho.




As usual, there is absolutely no pressure to follow through with this if I tagged you.  You are not “it”.  It was just my way of saying thank you for filling my days with love and understanding and laughter.

Oh, and the second thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post?  Well I think I’ll pull a Good2beGone and make you wait till my next post.


14 thoughts on “Blog Tour Thingamajig

  1. Your writing style is fantastic. You have an eclectic diction that is awesome to read. I look forwerd to your posts. You have inspired me to write a post such as you have. So, thanks for that. Keep writing

  2. I will gladly do my best to carry this forward. Thank you for the kind words and the hype for my stories! I have said it before, so it can’t hurt to say it again-you, my dear, are an Angel.

    1. Your stories need no hype…they stand on their own. And I’m no angel, just an English Lit minor in college who appreciates a good story. Hope you’re healing well.


  3. Bcubed, I like it! And she does lull… you’re so right!!! And you are a straight shooter….she’s right about that too. I hope you’re feeling better xxx

    1. Thank you! When I started I also wanted everything tied up but it slowed me down. It also didn’t sound like me! So I gave up and just poured the words on the page…that felt more natural.


  4. A cliffhanger! I love it. “Because the honest to God truth is that even if no one read one word I’d still have to write it to stay sane.” I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s my therapy too, as is reading the “therapy” of others. 🙂

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