Because I’m Happy

Reason enough for a gratitude list.

Today I am profoundly grateful for:

My family.  I have the most wonderful husband and six of the greatest kids on the planet.  From my oldest to the newest they are all incredible human beings and I find no greater joy than being in their presence.  They fill my soul with love.

My friends.  Thank God for the friends in my life.  They are all a gift.

My job.  Crazy as it is and as difficult as it was to secure – I’m exactly where I am supposed to be and very, very grateful for being here.

My home.  I have built more than just a house.  I have been fortunate enough to build a home where all who enter can take a deep breath, exhale, and find peace…if only for a little while.  Doesn’t matter where it is, what size it is or what color the paint is on the walls…where my heart and my love reside is where home will be.

Calamine Lotion and antihistimines.

Men who love carpentry and happen to live in my home.

Puppies who take well to insulin.

Blue Jays who chase great big black snakes out of my yard.  I never liked Jays because they are the bully of my trees, taking over and chasing away more gentle varieties that sing to me.  HOWEVER, after witnessing one peck at and chase a snake out of my yard the other day, I’m a now allowing them free reign.

Did I mention antihistimines?  Oh…yeah.

And…as always my sobriety and my faith.  Nuff said…




10 thoughts on “Because I’m Happy

  1. Sherry, I hope you are healing from poison ivy and still taking things a little slow. It is nice to read a gratitude list, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the small and not so small annoyances in life. When I think of what I am grateful for instead of focusing on what I want or think I need, my life is so much easier.

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