A Numbers Game

I always drank alcoholically which means I never knew when to stop and there was never enough.  But up until 4 1/2 years ago it really wasn’t that bad.  However, the last six years were that bad

What do I mean by that bad?  I’m glad you asked… 

  • 2 1/2 bottles of wine a night x’s 7 days a week = 17.5 bottles of wine a week
  • 17.5 bottles of wine a week x’s 4 weeks = 70 bottles of wine a month
  • 70 bottles of wine a month x’s 12 months a year = 840 bottles of wine a year
  • 840 bottles of wine a year x’s $8.99 a bottle (US) = $7,551.60 per
  • $7,551.60 x’s 6 years = $45,309.60 in wine costs used to pour down my throat, ruin my health, permanently alter my metabolism and make me lose sleep, wake up sick and cheat my kids.

That’s a fuckload of money.

That bad also means…

  • 6 hours of drinking time on weeknights plus 8 hours of drinking on Friday and Saturday nights = 46 hours per week of drinking time
  • 46 hours per week x’s 4 = 184 hours per month
  • 184 hours per month x’s 12 = 2,208 hours per year
  • 2,208 hours per year x’s 6 years = 13, 248 hours over 6 years
  • 13,248 hours divided by 24 = 552 days
  • 552 days equals roughly 1 1/2 years that I could have been sleeping well, spending with my growing (grown) children, holding hands with my husband, volunteering, cooking and baking, watching trash TV, reading good books or countless other things I missed doing because I was too busy drinking.

That’s a shitload of time wasted.

A fuckload of money and a shitload of time.

That’s what that bad is.



21 thoughts on “A Numbers Game

  1. Wowza! I’m not sure i knew you were a 2 1/2 bottles of wine a night girl…. my lovely sober friend Sherry.. how great it is that we have left that madness behind us. YAY TO FUCKING GREAT SOBER GIRLS LIKE US!! WAY TO GO US!! Sorry.. obviously feeling the need to get a bit feisty xxxx

    1. I didn’t start out to be a 2.5 bottles of wine a night girl. I started out just one glass on Thursday nights and over the next five years progressed to 2.5 bottles a night.

      Just like an alcoholic – I can’t do just a little bit of ANYTHING and that included wine.


  2. Yes, like Jen I want to see the other numbers. Money saved, time spent enjoying life, hours of good deep restorative sleep, treats bought. The sobriety numbers. The good numbers! Excellent post, thank you.

  3. I quit drinking 24 days ago and keep a running tally of how much I am saving monetarily, $256.30. But what is more important than that, is the time I am saving by not drinking and spending it with my children. I started a blog yesterday so if I need to go back and read about my progress, it’s there. It’s called “I Quit Drinking”. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lol! Awesome! In a not so awesome way! Lol! I would hate to add up mine! But man, this I quite overwhelming huh? So now you save all that money and buy a _______!? Very cool! Great post!

    Ps, I don’t know how I never landed on your blog! So strange. Well, I am glad I found it now! Hugs!

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