Our Brittany/Beagle mix is sick…really sick.  Yesterday he was throwing up everywhere and the hubs took him to the vet.  Diabetes.  His glucose level was over 600 when it should have been below 100.  He also had a fever and was dehydrated.  After some fluids, some anti nausea meds and a prescription for antibiotics and insulin they sent him home.  We gave him a shot of insulin and put him to bed.

Today he’s worse.  He’s at the vet now under observation.  I thought he had renal failure but finally, blessedly, he peed.  (I thought I was over the potty habit after the kids grew up…guess I was wrong).  Now we wait.

This is our first dog as a family.  I wanted a beagle and when I found him on, they said he name was Pepper (name of my first ever dog) and that he had hazel eyes (my dad had hazel eyes) and that he was a beagle mix.  I set up an appointment for him to meet our family.

When that dog got out of the car I realized he was about as much beagle as I was and that his eyes were amber…not hazel.  Didn’t matter though, he captured our hearts as soon as he walked pranced into the house.  What do they say?  When a dog comes into your home he never leaves?  Yeah…that. 

That was only 7 years ago.

He barks too much, nips at little children and counter surfs but he’s ours and we love him and we want him well and back home with us…where he belongs…with me.




10 thoughts on “Pepper

  1. Sending best wishes for Pepper.

    We had the same and after some vet stays our diabetic girl was stabilized for a few great years. And it was always humorous when people who didn’t know we gave her insulin twice a day heard us say we had to “go home and shoot the dog.” 🙂

    Our girl was really bad off by the time we figured it out–so I have high hopes that Pepper will come through just fine and will soon be home with you,

  2. Oh sherry, this made me cry. 😢I hope he can get stabilized and healthy again. I am keeping him in my thoughts. Keep us posted.

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