Here I am…

If you’re here it means you’ve followed me…for that I am humbled and extremely grateful.  Thank you.

I thought long and hard about making this jump.  As many of you know, I been over here before and then jumped back to Blogger, but this time I really weighed my options and I ultimately decided that I couldn’t take the spam any longer.  Plus my work computer (where I do most of my reading and posting) is making it more and more difficult for me on Blogger.  And finally I didn’t want to do the word verification because I think it’s a royal pain in the ass to be quite frank.

So I imported most of my posts, tied it to my Twitter and Tumblr and FaceBook accounts (just search for sobermomwrites if you’re looking for me on any of those apps), and jumped ship.  I only hope I haven’t jumped the shark.

Part of me is hopeing that I’ll figure out what’s been wrong with me lately.  Not only have I not have much to say but I haven’t felt much like commenting either.  I’m reading…I can’t miss of day of my therapy (which is what you people are for me) but actually putting fingers to keyboard has been a challenge.

I’ve written about this before but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what I want to write about.  I don’t feel like I’ve got much more to say about the whole sobriety thing unless something bites me on the ass – which we all know happens from time to time – but I try to stay current on the newly sober and their blogs because they are so important to keeping me sober.  I never want to forget what that’s like and I want to offer support whenever I’m able.

What that leaves?  Who the hell knows?  But I’ll sure have fun figuring it out!



25 thoughts on “Here I am…

  1. Heya! Nice to see ya on the WP side! I do enjoy the WP a bit more, but then again, I work with it not only on my blog, but other ones that I get paid (and not paid) to manage. So it’s a comfie pair of shoes. But either way, it’s the content that matter, isn’t it? So if I have to climb a mountain to read your stuff, let me get my clamps and rope.

    Great to hear from you too – was thinking about you today actually and then Boom! I saw the tweet to get me here. Now you’re in my Reader, so it’s all good and well. And as for saying something about the sobriety – why stress? If memory serves me correctly, you went through that blogging crisis and realized that you didn’t need to blog about sobriety 24/7. And you have talked about other things and they have been just as fun and insightful as your sober posts. Don’t overthink what your readers may or may not want – just write from you…and we will read 🙂

    Congrats on the new digs 🙂


  2. Of course, I came right over! I would love to make the switch, but in the past it proved too difficult for me to figure out! lol So I have just stayed put over at blogger.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to you sharing when the mood hits you…..hopefully soon. I miss reading you.

  3. I hope you’ll like it at WP. Between the two, it feels a lot easier to navigate and comment. And I hear you on the periodic silence that comes. No wrong, only the way you feel at that point. yeah, I guess it is kind of fun figuring it out and working through it.

  4. Hello.

    I have been quiet lately still commenting but basically there are many on the soberweb who are much more eloquent than I and have much better stuff to say. I wonder if I’ve been sober too long to help most on here who are often closer to newcomer status than me.

    1. I love hearing what you have to say. In fact, I don’t know much about music but I still read both of your blogs.

      Just write…I’ll be reading. Maybe not commenting, but definitely reading.


  5. I’d follow you anywhere! I think some of my favorite posts from you are about nothing in particular….just keep writing. You always inspire and amuse! There is something about you that makes me feel peaceful…

  6. I think when things are very quiet, emotionally and psychologically speaking, we are gathering strength for the next leap forward, whatever that may be. Or so I tell myself.

    And I find your posts helpful in providing me a vision of a future destination. I love your choice of headers- fresh, pristine, pure- again that fallow, gathering strength theme! I’ll be interested to see what happens next in your life!

  7. I am a 50+ woman trying to get my shit together with this sobriety thing. I am still early on and doing Belle’s 100 day challenge. I am glad that I found you on WP, your blogs are helping me as I work through my own sober journey.

  8. Of course we’re here! I’m going through the same thing. Reading but not writing. Trying to expand my life past the whole sobriety subject. There must be more to me than that!

  9. Sherry, I’ll come see you wherever you move! (Oh, I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. Not in a creepy way, OK?) I love reading what you have to say, and I always appreciate your helpful comments. To me, it’s a relief that you don’t just write about drinking/sober stuff. I hope that in a few years, I would mostly be talking about other things too, and I find the fact that you are really inspiring.

    I’m curious about the WP/ Blogger difference, in part because a number of people have told me they can’t comment easily on my blog, which is on Blogger. I’ll check back once you’re settled to see whether you do really prefer WP, as I have also thought of switching.

    Enjoy your new online space, and happy writing!

    1. I don’t think it sounds creepy at all! I’m honored you feel that way.

      So far I’m really liking it over here. It’s taking some getting used to…but I’ve not had any spam ALL day! That is a biggie!


  10. Glad to see you here. I, too, wonder what to blog about, wonder how long iI’ll continue. You, however, have talent. you write well and you make me laugh. Carry on even if there are stretches of time in between.

  11. And here I am! Finally I can comment….that other site you were on was very detrimental to my ability to even let you know I was reading. Whew…I am ecstatic to have you be back in WP!!

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