This time of year

I love the change in seasons.  The part where they are still new and you’re not sick to death of them yet.  That’s why I love where we live.  There are four distinct seasons and just about the time you’re ready to commit yourself to the nut house if you have to endure one more cold, damp night or one more hot humid day…poof…another season comes along and changes your view.

The most dramatic are spring and fall because the biggest change in weather happens during that time.  Spring when things slowly begin to warm and everything is born, and fall when things cool off and, well…die.  Oh but when they die it’s certainly in a blaze of glory if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where the leaves turn red and gold and yellow before they fall on the ground and create that heavenly smell of earth and leaves and grass.

I also love the fact that it gets dark earlier.  I know…some people think I’m nuts but I do.  I think as the weather begins to turn cold that it’s nature’s way of saying, “Go on in the house now…it’s dark and cold outside.”  So you “go on in the house” and put on your flannel PJ’s and heat up some hot chocolate or tea (or drink a bottle or two of wine…NOT) and if you’re me you buy all kinds of yummy scented candles and oils so your house always smells like pumpkin or cookies or cinnamon spice.

I even like the the lights that come on at night this time of year.  Traffic lights and street lights and car lights all lit up before I leave the office remind me that soon I’ll be lighting the inside of my house in anticipation of Christmas.  I like to think that all this light also makes people a little kinder with each other and maybe even to themselves.  Okay…maybe that’s just me.

I know that by mid-January I’ll be over it all and pissed off about the weather and tired of being cold, but for now I’m just going to go home and snuggle in my warm home and thank God that I’m blessed to be warm and fed and most of all…loved.


7 thoughts on “This time of year

  1. I also feel blessed with my warm snuggy home. I used to do the wine but now love a cupa tea with my lovely smelly candles and my dogs at my side while I read these wonderful blogs as yours.

  2. We're decorating the tree this weekend; will be fun and festive for Thanksgiving! The lights I super love are the few days before Christmas; lights in the windows of homes that take the time to place candles or to display their tree where you can view it from outside. The lights of homes that are decorated “just right” !!!! Thems my kinda lights!! But, I get ya, I like how the evenings are dark. board games come out and hours of card games! Activities we save for dark cold days 🙂

  3. I love Autumn (sorry have to be English about it… :-))
    The colours, I love the clear crisp days with the trees going red and gold. Sadly we don't get as much colour here as say New England – I used to love my business trips over there at this time of year, cruising on I95 out of Boston and all the colours.

    Although I think this week winter has hit us. Even ice on the pavement in central London this morning so it is colder and it has been very grey lately with leaden skies for many days but that makes days like Saturday when it was bright a clear so much the better. Seeing the sun is important – my son lived in Wales for many years and one time I picked him up to come home around Christmas time. When we got home the sun was out, he claimed he'd not seen it for 6 weeks. To be fair the rainwater in Wales did seem to support his believe on that!

    But Christmas trees are up in the stations and shops and it is now only a month away so it does start feeling like winter.

  4. You already know how to do it – except this time you know not to listen to that lying beast that tells you that you're okay and you can drink like a normal person. It LIES!!!!! It is not your friend.

    And what's worse it seems to show up most at milestones…3 mos, 6 mos, etc.

    You can do this. I KNOW for a fact that you can.

  5. The answer is to stop again – that sounds to stupid doesn't it. But that is it and as said here just have to ignore the nonsense that says “You've cracked this” or “This is too hard” or “Just the one won't matter”… etc. all stuff you have to ignore.

    I remember vividly in rehab one counsellor spotted I was concerned about the “voice in my head” – rightly to, my first day on the outside was horrific! So he did an exercise with me in the middle of all my group with them all trying to talk me into drinking – I snapped and angrily argued back. He said “Don't do that – engage with it and you'll be taken by it. You have to just learn to let that voice be in the distance in the background” Easy said so hard to do but I did so therefore can anyone else I'm sure – you can too good luck

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