Food Issues

To those of you who watched or participated while I did my 1 1/2 Whole30’s I have an update.

I’ve been off the plan for awhile now and I’m still trying to eat healthy.  I stay away from anything processed.  I avoid traditional fast food (even those nasty salads) but I did have my first Subway sub the other night (meh).  I’m TRYING to stay away from sugar, white foods, potatoes and legumes.


But it’s just like drinking…once you open the door the beast comes sneaking back in…quietly at first and then louder and LOUDER until you find yourself making yourself sick on marked down candy corn from Wal-Mart (okay…maybe that’s just me).

I’m trying but unless I’m hyper vigilant I find myself slipping and then all of a sudden I get a case of the “fuck-its” and start eating whatever I want.  I’ve said to the hubs two weekends in a row now, “Starting Monday I’m back on plan.  I’m getting out of control.”  Only to get to Wednesday or Thursday and find myself eating pasta (or said Subway sandwich) or a small handful of candy corn.

In addition, I’ve done something to my lower back muscles so I’ve been moving really slow the last few days and I’m finding it harder and harder to get up and down the steps to the bus or even the ones to the second floor of my home because my knees are also giving me a case of the fits.

Where does it end?

I’m glad you asked, I’ll tell you where it ends.  It ends one of two places…

Place #1

  • My cholesteral and tryglycerides become out of control and the doctor puts me on medication.
  • I go broke shopping for bigger and bigger clothes all the while saying to myself that I need to accept who I am in whatever shape that is.
  • I look in the mirror and hate myself more and more everyday.  The word “loathe” comes to mind.
  • My knees get worse and I find myself channeling my mother as I climb the steps in my home that I love so much.

And that’s just in the short term.

Place #2

  • I get my shit together and stop eating crap.
  • I see my doctor and have my blood work done to see exactly where I am.
  • I remain off the scale (that’s been excellent btw) and just judge things by how my clothes fit.
  • I keep walking, walking, walking (still loving my FitBit).
  • I cut out candy in all forms (gotta start somewhere).
  • I continue to stay away from white foods (rice, bread and pasta).
  • I manage my portions (I’m much better with this also).

I choose Place #2.  It’s a better neighborhood.  A slightly longer and more hairy commute but when you get there, the property values are through the roof!


9 thoughts on “Food Issues

  1. One suggestion you might want to consider: Dropping all sugar and grains from your diet for a month or two, and seeing if you notice any difference. It's not too hard, since the increased fats you eat bring satiety, so you don't get that crazy-hungry-gotta-eat-a-lot-right-now feeling. As a physician and former fatty (200 lbs on my 5'5″ frame), I have been eating this way and maintaining my 140 lb fairly lean and muscular body for the past 10+ years. Recent books Wheat Belly and Grain Brain do a good job of explaining some of the science behind this approach.

    Carrie at Day #16.

  2. I feel you girl! Carbs are my kryptonite. I'm thinking about doing a 21 day Daniels fast again in Jan. I did it a couple years ago, and that is when I really started making changes and improving my whole lifestyle. I guess I needed to prove to myself that I DID have self control? Idk, I just know it changed everything. It involves no processed foods, no dairy, no sugar or artifical sugars, no meat products of any kind. You should do it with me!

  3. Carrie – That's basically what I've come to understand. When I eliminated during the Whole30 and then began adding back…what I found was the only thing that had any negative impact on me was the sugar and the grains. Duh…I can do that math.

    And I enjoy the veggies, meat and limited fruit. It's good and satisfying. I read Wheat Belly but I'll see about Grain Brain too.

    Congrats on Day #16!!!!! It gets easier every day from here…


  4. Can relate to all you say. I struggle with the same downhill slide once I let “white” carbs back in. Love bread. I try to remind myself that its not just about getting to a “place” but how I feel about myself right now. Eating well makes me feel good in the moment vs the opposite. Gotta ask then why its such a struggle? Addiction. Junky carbs are addictive!

  5. Isn't walking great? Good for you on walking (and walking and walking) and the fitbit and other healthy changes you continue to incorporate. I think when I did the “no” sugar thing earlier this year, I thought the cravings would go away all the way. And then when that didn't happen, I too opened the door a little and felt the force and just gave in. The thing about that is, many months later, it ebbs and flows. Some days I hit sugar hard, other days/weeks I think about it but it doesn't interest me. That is something new. I do weigh myself way too fucking much, but the number hasn't edged up, and this is how I measure progress. My body is craving more vegetables and cleaner eating in general. Maybe our bodies and brains learn to associate too much sugar with feeling terrible afterwards. Maybe this takes away some of the pleasure. Maybe I don't have this licked at all. Who knows. I'm glad you write openly about it. It helps.

  6. I think this is perfectly timed…and reading BBB's comments too. I have been pretty good (very good in fact) with the no / low sugar. BUT (you knew there was a “but” in there) I have had a cookie a day in the last three days. This sugar thing confounds me more than the alcohol thing ever did. But here's the good news – that those cookies didn't get me all ramped up for more sugar. I also have been doing my best to listen to what my body is craving – so I eat a whack of fruit (a full bag of grapes a day usually, with 2-3 apples in there) and veggies when I need them. I eat a lot of protein, and that helps with any sugar cravings. So this time I feel a lot more balanced. I don't want to get ahead of myself and say that I can moderate sugar, but I think I am starting to find that much needed balance that I never had before, food wise. But like Graham said there, I think we ALL have food issues. I have to remind myself that even though the effects of food on me aren't as extreme as alcohol can be, I still am putting stuff into my body and I have to be mindful of that.

    The one thing I need to work on is my pasta cravings (I was never a pasta eater – now my body is still craving those quick carbs = sugar!) But one thing at a time…lol

    Thanks for this – glad to see that you're taking this back to task. Let's stay in this neighbourhood!!


  7. I'm with ya on #2…this is never an easy process and you have done fabulously well…don't let a few set backs crack the cup…the cup is half full, not half empty…I love you, baby

  8. Hi gals! I'm getting huge right now….I know I need to focus on my sobriety but I've been trying to psych myself up for days now, telling myself I'll start tomorrow. I have the Whole 30 Book here, haven't read it…..I read a bit of Wheat Belly…but I'm in a slump and just want to eat everything in site…..I feel like this part of my life is out of control now……

    Jen Day 6 again!

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