There’s Another World Out There

Sorry I’ve been absent.  I’ve not been writing or commenting but I HAVE been reading.  Even if I’m crazy short on time, I make time to sit and read your blogs.  I can barely go a day without checking in and seeing how you all are doing.  I truly get so much insight, fun and laughter and learning from you guys.  Okay – I’ll jump on the November blessing bandwagon, I am blessed to have found this community of sober bloggers.  I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t found you.  I know I’d be sober…but I don’t think I’d be as happy.

And that’s a fact.

Which brings me to this post.  I went to see my psychiatrist the other day so he could perform the twice a year “laying of the hands” and write me my prescriptions.  I like him…a lot.  I feel like I can tell him anything and he gets it.  He’s not a talking doctor but I don’t need one of those (right now anyway…who knows what the future holds); he’s exactly what I need in a pharmacologist – someone to whom I can describe, in intimate details, what’s going on in my body and in my head and he works with me to come up with a plan.  Sometimes it’s a switch or a tweak in my medication.  Sometimes it’s behavior modification.  Sometimes it’s a trip to a therapist.

He rocks.

But he was unaware of this wonderful community of sober bloggers!  I mentioned to him that this was part of my recovery and healing and he started asking ME questions!  He’s not a “my way or the highway” kind of guy, so he’s open to all forms of therapy.  Once I explained my experience, we talked about the kind of people who don’t fit society’s perception of an alcoholic (you know…99.9% of us) and how many of them are choosing more private ways of getting sober.  I explained about the boards, and chat rooms and online AA meetings and, of course, the blogs.

We talked about what’s it meant in my own recovery and how much healthier I am as a sober person for having found this outlet and the wonderful friends I’ve made here.  The unconditional support and lack of judgement is mind-blowing in and of itself, but when you tack on the fact that there are no rules, that you can come out here, take what you need and even be of service that’s when the miracle happens.

So I told him the next time he has a patient who is questioning whether or not they are drinking too much, he might suggest they Google it (which we all know they already have) and then click on any of the Wordpress or Blogger links.  

We’ll all be here waiting and ready to reach out that hand and love them till they can love themselves again.


“In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

16 thoughts on “There’s Another World Out There

  1. Thank you. So beautifully said. My feelings are yours. I wouldn't be here today without you and the other bloggers. The month of November we put a note in a jar for something we're grateful for everyday. Today I will write you, your blog and my new cyber friends on my note.

  2. Blogging is sobriety on my time. It makes it easier because I don't have to plan, or stress about when to be where. If I need a hug or an encouraging word here y'all are! Anytime, day or night. There's something about reading someone else's struggles that mirror your own that makes you feel so close to that person without even knowing them at all. And then you slowly get to know people, and make lasting true friendships. It's a-fucking-mazing.

    Thank you for being you. 🙂 I would not be where I am without your love and support. You have been a gift to me. I'm so grateful for that. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Sherry. I love this blog post and Amy's comment! I am grateful I found these amazing sober women! Grateful to be sober tonight! I am guaranteed I will feel good tomorrow…no pacing my self, no water than wine game, eating at midnight or any of those crazy other tricks in hopes to avoid a hangover. I wouldn't be back here, Sober, without you to count on!! Jenny G.

  4. Good on you for spreading the word Sherry!
    I, for one, would not be here at 6.30am on a Saturday catching up on work (and blogging 😉 while my little ones are still sleeping, without my sober blogging world, thank you all!! No hangovers on a Saturday morning never gets old!!
    Carrie xx

  5. Well, now is probably as good a time as any to write the email that I keep meaning to write to you but always get side tracked by links to other blogs, then links to other blogs, then other blogs and so on 🙂
    I love reading what you write. There, I've said it!
    Your story and the wisdom you're acquiring on your sober journey and the eloquent and down to earth way in which you express yourself is great inspiration. I've saved some of your posts to read in times of danger and temptation.
    Thank you xxx

  6. Sober Mom- I am a newbie at this sober blogging- Day #11 to be specific- but I'm already aware of the power of this community. Just knowing I am not alone is so very nourishing. I've been reading the archives of lots of blogs, including yours. The knowledge that I am now on a path that so many of you have accomplished rocks me, in a very good way!

  7. Good for you. Too many people seem to think we should all hide away – but that denies someone else the chance I've had. How could I do that and sleep at night.

    I visited the nurse this week – all good. We got to the usual “It says in your notes you don't drink alcohol. What? Nothing?” I say “No nothing. I'm a recovering alcoholic”. She asked some questions and I said “Actually it is Alcoholics Anonymous Awareness Month”. “I wasn't aware of that” (Haha, I could like this lady) She took a poster to put up in the waiting room and a local Where to Find to show others in the practice. She was amazed there was at least one meeting every day of the week less than 10 miles away.

    It may do nothing – it might mean someone I'll never know will get sober and stay sober – you never know… Carrying the message

  8. It is so true in the bloggess sphere…the sphere is an object in which all things are contained once one finds a way inside….it is the adventure of locating that passage which brings on the comfort and tranquillity of blogging….i love you, baby!!!

  9. Comments like this…that affirm you're out there…that affirm we're all doing something good and right…that affirm we don't have to hide and that we can do recovery any way that works for us…truly makes my heart soar!

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  10. Just finding you and yes what an amazing world – which I very stupidly lost a while ago. And yes my therapist knew nothing about the blogging world either and was amazed when I told her the support out there for all manner of problems. Will be getting to know you better soon!

  11. I love this post Sherry. I am so glad that I found my blogger world….what a gift it has been over the years. Sometimes I wonder if my time is up…..Ive been out here for a long time. but I just can't leave yet… at the risk of overstaying my welcome, I keep writing and posting. lol No one has to read but it sure feels good for me to get it all out. Its all about me you know. lol Love you Sherry and so glad you are here.

  12. ” The unconditional support and lack of judgement is mind-blowing in and of itself, but when you tack on the fact that there are no rules, that you can come out here, take what you need and even be of service that's when the miracle happens.”

    So well said. Miracles do happen. And people like you help make them happen. It is so great to have found your blog. Thank you so much for this post.

  13. Thank you Sherry for you and all the wonderful bloggers that help shape my day-to-day recovery and reminders. It has become much deeper and bigger to me than I ever bargained for…and that has been one of the best things to happen to me in my recovery…discovering you and everyone else. And there are more and more to come.

    What a joy 🙂


  14. Loved this post. I think the world of my sober blogging friends. I know you have all made a difference in the quality of my life these past years. You're always there. Always listening. Always reaching back. So, even though I'm late to the post, I love your thoughts nonetheless. lisa

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