That’s Why I Blog….

To anyone lurking out there who’s trying to decide whether or not they want to blog – DO IT.  You will never find a community of more wonderful and caring people than you’ll find out here.

Thank you all for you responses to my post yesterday.  I’d like to say I’m feeling better today but the truth is…I’m not.  My spirit is still in the toilet and I feel prayed out.  So, in typical Sherry style I’ve made some decisions based in great part to the amazing advice I received yesterday…

I’m going to meditate and make every effort to listen rather than speak.  Yes, I am prayed out…maybe there’s a clue there.  Duh.

I’m going to actively begin seeking another position.  I would LOVE to remain with this company and that’s where I’ll begin the search.  But I don’t want to close ANY doors and whatever comes my way I will view as an opportunity.  Let’s be clear here…they aren’t exactly beating down my door…but whatever comes is worth a look.

I’m going to look into some things that may offer me the control I’m seeking.  To take back the reigns and maybe do something of which I can be proud.

I’m not going to drink.  Or smoke.  Or eat Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate chips.

I’m going to give myself exactly 36 more hours at this lame-ass pity party I’ve been attending and then I’m leaving.  No one here I want to talk to anyway.  Except this one whiney-ass woman who probably needs her medication adjusted and I don’t want to catch what she has.


7 thoughts on “That’s Why I Blog….

  1. Ok but maybe some ice cream might help. Then the med adjustment. You have to have something to blame the ice cream binge on. See how healthy my thinking is! Lol

  2. It's not you baby….it's them….I love you and trust in God that he will lead you thru this glich in the work scheme…you are a star and always have been and will be…keep the faith and forget the snacks that these bloggers are suggesting….I know that your prayers are in the mill and they will come to pass.

  3. Elmo…I love you but DUDE! “These bloggers” have it right. I think I need some Peanut M&M's on top of my vanilla ice cream!

    I know what you meant but it didn't come out that way. It's okay…they know you too.

    Thank you for your endless love and support – I couldn't make it without you.

  4. Ah, I just read your posts from yesterday and today. I don't have any answers except that this too shall pass. I think it is a great idea to listen for the right answers. I am trying to work on that too! Wishing you a peaceful day. xx- Jen

  5. I can't even keep track of all the sober blogs that have exploded over the last 6-8 months. I barely have time to read them all, let alone comment. But yeah, what a community that has grown in stages and leaps and bounds. lots of love and support – I can attest to that personally 🙂

    Thanks for being here, Sherry. You have inspired many, many people to open up.


  6. There's this great careers theory called 'planned happenstance' which is all about being open to change and talking to people around you, throwing yourself open to things that come up, no harbouring ideas or desires. Something will come from somewhere will come from someone who knows someone. you need to be open and fluid and things will shift and change. I think that's what it means anyway. You can read more here

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