I Enjoy Being a Girl

I worked from home today because I had a hair appointment smack dab in the middle of the day.  It was the only one I could get before we leave for my nephew’s wedding on the 11th.  My stylist is a busy girl and she’s taking some time off next week.  I am also fortunate that my job allows this kind of flexibility. 

There was definitely a time that something like this (any kind of “me” time) would light up a need (urge, craving, obsession, compulsion…choose your noun) to go out and, yep, drink.  Because drinking was romantic.  Felling pretty = romantic.  Romantic = date night.  Date night = drinking.  See the logic? 

Well that doesn’t happen any longer – and to be honest stopped happening long before I actually quit drinking (there’s nothing pretty about a drunk no matter how well her nails are done) – but there’s still a small, wee part of me that likes to feel pretty and desired and after a haircut or a pedicure, that part of me whispers, “You deserve to be treated gently.  Like a girl.”  Not a mom, not a professional woman, not a wife…but a plain ole girl.  All female and squishy and soft.  With pink roses.  Lots and lots of pink roses. 

That’s just me.  There are a lot of woman who don’t feel this way and a lot of men who don’t even like that in women.  That’s okay.  To each their own.  But for me, sometimes I just like the fact that I’m a girl and I want someone to acknowledge that side of me before I have to put her away until the next time.

Shhh…don’t tell anyone about this part of me.  Wouldn’t want to damage my rep.


7 thoughts on “I Enjoy Being a Girl

  1. “mums” the word,

    Oh, wait, no, , that was roses?!! my bad. either way, your secret is safe with me.

    So, right smack dab in the middle eh???? ha

    Have fun with that hair appt, though I really thought you had just done your hair? No? Ok, either way, its our prerogative , so have at it!!

  2. Oh you….so here is where we are different! I love being rugged! Lol but I did just get my feet done and have flowers painted on my toes. If I break my leg climbing a mountain I want to be sure my legs are shaved and my feet are neatly done. I do have my pride after all. Post a pic of the new hair!

  3. Smack dab…yeah. It's something my southern dad used to say and I tote it out from time to time just because…you know?

    Honey – I have short hair so it usually gets cut about every 4 weeks or so so yeah…I probably DID just have it done! LOL.


  4. New hair is the same as the old hair and is now my FB pic. No big change…just being pampered is all.

    I think we would be just fine together. 😉 You in your Birkenstock's complaining that you hate the way they smell but you love the way they feel and me in my stilettos complaining that I hate the way the feel but love they way they make my legs look!


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