School Days

My children will return to school next week.  Wait…that’s not right.

My grown ass men will either start or return to college next week. 


I no longer have a child in the school system (public or private).  I am a grandmother, and while I have worn that title proudly for many years (15 to be exact), I have done so with a somewhat smug attitude.  After all, my stepdaughter is only 10 years younger than me so really, I wasn’t old enough to be a grandmother…technically.  Then my niece had children and since my sister had her when she was 17, well…I remained smug.

When my nephew’s baby came along it became official – I’m old enough to be a proper grandma.

No kids in school + grandbabies = old.  Sigh…

The vast majority of the time I bask in the glow of grandmotherhood and the fact that my “children” have grown into wonderful “adults” (for the most part anyway).  However, at times like this, when I look around and realize that the raising part of them has morphed into coaching and supporting, my heart aches for the feel of a little boy who smells like fresh air and dirt jumping into my arms after a day at preschool ready to tell me about his day. 

I even miss little boys who come home from school with skinned knees, bumped heads, or hurt feelings and just need their mom to kiss the boo-boo to make it better.  The boo-boos they get now need a helluva lot more than a kiss (from me anyway) to make them better.  They are grown up boo-boos and most of the time they suck ass…big time.

Damn I’m glad I quit drinking when I did. 

This feeling + wine = disaster of epic proportions.

Science Experiment Update

To all you Whole30 or Paleo people out there or just the ones who have ditched sugar, I need some advice.  Right now I find myself thinking about food constantly and putting stuff in my face even when I’m not hungry (good stuff like yellow and red peppers and celery or a small amount of nuts).  It’s like I’m trying to fill a hole and it just won’t get full.

I have two questions:
1.  Is this because my body wants carbs and I’m not giving it to them?  Usually when I have a craving for something, if I don’t get it then I end up eating everything on the planet to make it go away.  I’m thinking this is the same thing.  Yes?
2.  Will it pass?

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend and remember, don’t let anyone steal your happy – including your beast.


3 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Thanks for commenting Diana! I know that after this 30 day thing I'll begin introducing healthy carbs back into my diet so your candies sound divine but if I'm honest, the cravings and thoughts I've been having scream addiction.

    But thanks so much for this, it's so nice to year that I'm not alone in these battles and that, more importantly, I'm not as batshit crazy as I think I am.

    As to the hole? I'll have to get back to you on that one.


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