The Oil Must Go

I tried…I really, really tried, but this Oil Cleansing Method is just not working for me.  I have very sensitive, acne prone skin.  It settled down in my 40’s thanks to a round of Accutane and consistent use of Retin A.  Then I moved into menopause and, like puberty all over again, my skin went crazy.  Large, cystic acne along my jawline accompanied by the occasional “zit” just for the hell of it on my cheeks or forehead (you know…right in the middle for EVERYONE to see…yeah…that).  The dermatologist and I worked on making it better, and we did…until I spent a year with the crappiest health insurance ever and I refused to pay $400 for a tube of Retin A.

Good times.

I got my Retin A back but have been bouncing around with a skin regimen for awhile now (mainly out of boredom – I can be fickle if you haven’t already noticed).  Which is where the Oil Cleansing Method comes into play.  I won’t recount how it works because it’s all at the link but I will say that I researched the hell out of that sucker before I put one drop of oil on my skin.  I Googled (of course) and read the pros and cons as well as variations and cautions (Crunchy Betty is a wonderful site filled with all kinds of great and useful information – including a great post on this skin care method). 

Here are my results:

It gives you a wonderful glow and is very soothing.  If it’s done correctly, it does not leave you feeling oily (in fact, if you are not careful it can dry your skin) and, at first, my oil production did diminish.  I used far fewer oil blotters than I had been using previously.  But that was only at first.  Later I noticed small, under the skin type blemishes beginning to appear.  I dismissed these as my skin purifying itself (I’ve never ever been to a dermatologist who didn’t tell me “it will get worse before it gets better”) and recommitted to the six weeks that it takes to see results from anything (diet, exercise, skin care routines, anti-depressants…six weeks seems to be the magic number).

I’m at five weeks (going into six) and (I’m sorry Annette and Mary), I have to bail.  My skin is not what I’d call a disaster, but the oil production is back and the texture of my skin is awful.  It’s rough to the touch and I think it’s because there is no exfoliation involved in this method beyond what a wash cloth will give you.  It could also be a million little clogged pores just under the skin…I don’t know, I’m just over it.

Now, if I were really crunchy, I could play around with the mixture and types of oils until I discovered the right concoction.  I could use some other natural methods to unclog my pores and…oh bloody hell, I don’t have time for all of this!  I’m sorry but sometimes, chemicals and medical science are a good thing!

For me, this is one of those times.

The best my skin has ever looked was when I was using (religiously and consistently) Mary Kay’s TimeWise Miracle Set for Normal/Oil skin along with their Microdermabrasion Set and my trusty Retin-A.  That’s where I’m going.  Since I used to sell it, I have lots of friends in the business who can sell it to me at a discount and without have to start up a relationship with a Mary Kay lady who’s been to seminar and wants me to find six friends so that she can do a party.  I love you ladies and I love the company but I don’t have time for that either.  Just sell me my product.  (And by the way, there a legions of Mary Kay ladies who would be happy to just sell you product and not bug you about parties.  Just be very upfront with them in the beginning and 89% of them will honor your wishes AND deliver the product to your door!)

Note:  I believe that the Mary Kay system works because, like the oil cleansing method claims, it returns your skin to balance.  There are many other skin care products out there tgat will do the same thing.  But a word of caution oily ladies – do not strip your skin of all it’s oils with harsh chemicals – trust me, it will just make more oil to compensate.

I may use the oil I have as a once in a while beauty treatment since I’ve overcome my fear of putting oil directly on my skin but as an everyday cleanser…um…not so much.

Happy Friday everyone!


5 thoughts on “The Oil Must Go

  1. Hey girl, I'm heading to Mexico in a few weeks, land of cheap Retin-A. If you want me to send you some, pm me. I'll be muling it back here for myself and a few of my closest acne and wrinkle prone friends.

  2. We'll shoot! We've been talking so you are well aware that I am having the period from fricking hell this month! At 49 years old!! And yes, my jaw line is a mess. Isn't that the hormone zone for women our age? The rest of my skin is good though so I'm not giving up yet. I'm thinking I'm going to add some almond oil to my mixture as I am getting a wee bit dried out. I used the timewise minus the retin A and it was great. Enjoy!

  3. Oh shit I just realised I had removed this blog from my blog roll on the side of my blog! So sorry! I was still getting you in my reading feed (whatever you call it) but had removed it from the display on my blog.. Yikes!! You are back there now so others who visit you can see that I follow you my lovely friend. My wonderful lovely gorgeous kind brave sober friend xxx

  4. weighing in at 51 here –

    THIS, my dear friends, is where God blesses me in the physical appearance category. I have always had a perfect complexion, even, and generally a healthy tan. At the time of this writing I have never applied any type of facial makeup except for a small amount of blush. I own no face cleansing products or creams.
    Thank you God for healthy looking skin.

    Now, when are we going to talk about muffin tops?????????

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