What a Weekend!!!

Our high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast was this weekend.

One twin was the Beast.

The other was the tech manager and set designer/builder.

The oldest came to every single performance AND stayed to help strike the set with the cast, crew and my hubs.

To say I’m going to miss all of this is an understatement of epic proportion.

I’m going to miss my “Beast” singing all over the house AND I’m going to miss listening to people applaud thunderously when he finishes his big song.  I’m going to miss all the little girls in the audience (as well as their parents) gasp when he transforms and becomes the prince.  I’m going to miss the standing ovations for the Be Our Guest number and again, at the end, when everyone takes their bow.

I’m going to miss his brother coming home every night and needing to talk to me about every nuance of his day with his tech crew and his girlfriend (who is also the stage manager and lighting director) who plucked his last nerve during this production.

I’m going to miss dinners with the drama teacher and her family as they all sit around my kitchen table and plot their next move.

I’m going to miss crying every time the show is over and I’m bursting with pride.

I’m going to miss the look in my husband’s eyes when he hugs his boys after the show.

I’m going to miss the look on all my friends faces because this is the first time they’ve heard my boy sing.  And the next look when I tell them that the other one built the amazing set they’ve been oooo’ing and ahhh’ing over all evening.

I’m going to miss high school.

And I NEVER thought those six words would EVER leave my lips.


6 thoughts on “What a Weekend!!!

  1. Indeed – my daughter is in her first year of 6th form which is to say she has this and another academic year before leaving school for good.

    Finally we'll have no kids at school both will be in the big bad world as “adults” either studying still or working… but it will be odd not having “kids” at school! Makes you feel flipping old as well 😉

  2. Enjoyed the photos tremendously sherry!! You've reminded me of Abigail's performance of “the wicked witch” when she said (with her appropriately own dose of drama) 'I'm melting” – ooohh, she was soo good. 🙂
    I'm happy for you that it was such memory making wknd!

    About high school – I concur, I shall NEVER miss that horrid time, however, my fourth, Abigail, will be starting her final year next fall. And that will conclude my high school yrs. Yes, I will miss it

  3. OMG just watched the clip!!! Amazing!!! Wow, I totally hear what you are saying and I know what a special buzz surrounds the cast and crew of any production – theature, film or even television. I know that grief when it ends…. it's so addictive you can see why people love doing it. What a talented bunch. Great, just great. Congrats to all of you xxxx

  4. Hi,
    My youngest is in her first year of college, and I miss all three of my kids. I enjoyed them so much, and loved having their,friends for dinner every night. There is a huge hole in y life where they used to be. So glad I'm not drinking anymore, asI can see how,this could cause a spiral.

    Great blog!

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