Be Careful…Your Introvert Is Showing

First of all, I didn’t mean to scare you guys with yesterday’s post.  I was trying to be “tongue in cheek”.  But sure enough, as soon as I posted yesterday, I started thinking of things about which I wanted to write.  Guess it’s my own form of mental Drano.

We’re beginning our “event” season here at work.  This is when my job gets hairy because I book, manage, attend and pay for (with company money of course) thirty or so events between now and the end of September.  (Can you imagine if I was still drinking????  I’d get fired for sure.)  Since I’m now here full time, I can’t just attend anymore, I have to work them with the rest of my crew.  That means idle chit-chat, small talk, smiling a lot and generally just making nice.

To be honest…it’s freaking exhausting.

As a closet introvert, I act like an extrovert but in reality, this kind of stuff zaps the hell out of my energy and usually sends me directly to bed when I get home.  Add to that the fact that we have major drama going on in my office right now which, because I’m new and don’t have any skin in the game, means I’m the perfect go-between.  Well, that and the fact that I’m old and just one of those people to whom others pour out their hearts.  I cherish that role but, like being “on”, it’s wears the hell out of my ass.

I thought I was ready for last night but I hadn’t factored in the drama from the office.  So I went home depressed, anxious and just plain tired.  So, for the rest of the season, I’m going to be sure that I do a few things.

  • Get plenty of sleep.  Tired from lack of sleep coupled with tired from small talk and drama makes for a very unhappy Sherry.  Plus it makes me look like shit and I just can’t have that now can I?
  • Make plenty of time to just be alone.  Whether that’s in my meditation/yoga room, or my bedroom or my car, I know I need this in order to be worth a damn to myself and my family.
  • Talk to my family and give them a heads up.  When I get home, especially if I’m late, I’m often bombarded with men telling me what they need, what they did (of course requiring copious amounts of praise for said actions-they’re men after all), or just wanting to love on me.  I love all of it!  Even the dogs get into the act, rushing to meet me and requiring their treat-o-the-day from me.  I love that too!  It’s just that during our crazy time it can be overwhelming (hell…during our not crazy time it can be overwhelming) so I need a little distance for about ten minutes, then I’m good to go.
  • Making weekends about family and recharging my batteries.  I’m really good about being present when I’m home.  I don’t even get my Blackberry out of my purse.  But (I hate buts), during the crazy time I’m tempted to check it from time to time.  If I do…the next thing I know I’m sucked into something.  Can’t let that happen.
  • Eat good food.  These events all have food (and booze).  Sometimes it’s good food.  Most of the time it’s bar food.  Now, while I love a good chicken wing as much as the next girl, a steady diet of bar food wreaks havoc not only on my hips and skin, but it makes me sluggish and grumpy as well.  Fresh, whole food is a must to keep me sane.
  • Lots of yoga, meditation and prayer. 

I learned a lot from my experience last year.  Lots of “what not to do’s”.  This should be a fun year with a lot of challenges and opportunities.  I’m ready…I just hope my inner introvert is.


5 thoughts on “Be Careful…Your Introvert Is Showing

  1. Oh so wise!! Really, this list is spot on. And we sure do need to tell our people what we need and we must be specific – otherwise, how are they to know? Great on you! Sleep; ughhh, I get up at 3am, I am SO PROTECTIVE of my sleep, making sure I get my needed hours nightly – really, it takes precedence and my peeps know this! In fact, its almost seven pm and I'll likely make my way to bed after I write this.
    Just wish the dogs understood my “needs” when I get home. sheeeeeeeesh,, one would think they were kenneled for seven hours or something.

    Oh,, wait . . .

    Oh, and work, drama… AAarrRRRGgghhhHH!! Since the “stolen phone” incident at work, I find myself held up in my office lately – man,, am I getting lot's of work done!!

    Tomorrow is Friday!! Yayyy for that – snow coming in around midnight. YOU ENJOY YOUR PEOPLE THIS WEEKEND AND RELAX

  2. I love that quote at the end. Every day I look forward to putting on my pajamas. I love your list of ways to stay healthy and sane. Sleep and eating well are indeed the best medicine. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I have been reading “The Introvert's Way” by Sophia Dembling – it's really a bunch of small blog-length stories and short essays about introversion. It's quite cheeky at times and a fun read. I have been getting more into it, as part of my getting to know myself after putting down the drink, I have clearly seen that I am in introvert. I enjoy lots of alone time – that is how I recharge. I am not as “on” as others can be, but that's ok. That's one of the things that I struggled with in sobriety – do I have to be that guy who is “on” all the time? Do I need to be out there, always shaking hands, patting backs, putting a face on? It didn't take long for that experiment to fail. I am who I am. And it's great that you have seen this for yourself. That list is wonderful, and is something I should do for myself too.

    And certainly I agree with the end quote – hence my blog…lol. I am a blathering dunce at times trying to speak 🙂

    Wonderful post – thanks!!!

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