Oh The Pressure

Man did I have a case of the “blahs” this weekend.  I was just a big lump of nothing.  Didn’t feel like doing anything, going anywhere or even talking (which is a BIG deal for me).  Not only did I not have any energy, but I lacked motivation as well.  I did manage to feed 30 drama students on Friday evening, walk the dogs on Saturday and sew the curtains for my meditation room on Sunday.  Other than that?  I sat my ample behind in my chair and tried to engage.

No such luck.

Of course it didn’t hurt that I had a headache all freaking weekend.  In fact, it started last Thursday and is in full force today.  Not a migraine, get in a dark room with an ice pack, kind of headache; just a middle of the brain kind of headache.  I’ve taken Excedrin, my son’s migraine medicine (very mild), and ibuprofen (at different times of course).  I went one day with no caffeine – no effect (I don’t drink that much caffeine).  I even added some sugar back into the diet to see if that was it.  Nope, still hurting. 

Now I’m no stranger to a headache.  I’m a clencher so I often get headaches from clenching my teeth.  I’m also a huncher, so sometimes my headache will be from tensing my neck muscles so tight.  Of course there’s always the hangover headache which has it’s own pain category all together but I don’t get those anymore…thank God.  I also have seasonal allergies so the sinus headache and I are also intimately acquainted.  This is different.

I have a sneaking suspicion I know what the lack of energy and the headache is all about…I just don’t want to admit it.  I think it’s my blood pressure.  Damn.

Back when I was still drinking, the doc put me on blood pressure meds because, surprise surprise, my once low blood pressure was beginning to slowly creep up.  So I took it religiously for two or three years and then, surprise surprise, once I quit drinking it began to come back down.  So I convinced the doc to take me off the meds to see what would happen.

Guess I know…I’m going in today to talk to him about it.  We’ll see what he says but my guess is – I’ll be at the pharmacy on my way home.

Getting old sucks ass…but as long as I’m on this side of the dirt, I’m grateful.


4 thoughts on “Oh The Pressure

  1. Its just plain CRAZY

    Seems every time I stop by here I read a post I could have EASILY written myself.

    Ahhh, Htn,, indeed, hypertension will give us many symptoms. I began my med regime a few years ago and it actually took us a few years to get my BP to the Heart Association's safe zone. In fact, I take three meds every morning specifically for high BP. My doc tells me this appears to be hereditary and that meds are likely part of my future.

    That said, your depiction of this past weekend was eerily similar to my dark hole I recently crawled out of – with the exception that you fed 27 more people than I friday night..

    Awwww, can't we all just get on skype, bring the cheese and WHINE together!!!! C'mon, I want to tell you about my arthritic knee that will soon need replacement. This on the heels of my recent neck surgery.
    BLEHHH . . .
    check back in with us dear to see if you were right; sure sounds as though you diagnozed yourself correctly

  2. Sorry to hear of your headache….I had the same thing about a week ago. you are so right about aging sucking ass. SO MANY THINGS – big and small – start to either fall apart, not work or look bad. Like what are all these ugly brown spots on my legs??? Hope you feel better.

    (I want a meditation room!!!)

  3. Thankfully my bp returned to normal when I quit drinking and has stayed there, I hope you find out it is something else, I don't usually associate lethargy with high blood pressure but what do I know, I'm just an OR nurse and we just cut stuff out of you.

    I hope everything goes well. Let us know what you find out, don't be like my family members who call me up to say, “I've gone blind in one eye and everything smells like rotting fish” and then when I tell them to go to the dr. they never call and tell me what they found out.

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