Babies, Teeth and Anxiety

This is my newest grand baby.  This little beauty was born yesterday via C section and weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs and 8 ozs (21 inches long).  Mama, daddy and baby girl are all doing fine (except that if daddy doesn’t call me soon he’s in big trouble).  Thankfully, his future mother-in-law kept me abreast of everything hour by hour via text (she’s been doing that through the whole pregnancy).  I am so grateful to her for that gift.

I also don’t feel that sharing this photo violates my anonymity since, let’s face it, most newborns look very much alike.  Well, except that this particular girl child is more beautiful than any other baby ever born on the planet.  Just sayin.

W had all four, impacted wisdom teeth removed on Friday.  The hubs wrote a check for $800 which was the amount the insurance didn’t cover.  See Saturday’s post if you’re wondering what I think of this.  But I am glad that W is healing well and only looks a little bit like a chipmunk today.  He only had to take three of the Oxycontin that was prescribed (which apparently worked very well) and then he switched to ibuprofen.  Plus, those dang teeth were causing such pain in his mouth anyway, I think he would have taken them out himself if it were possible.

I’m feeling anxious today and I have no idea why but I know it’s fucking with my zen.  I have this thing in the pit of my stomach that kind of rolls around and then spreads.  Sometime my hands tremble and sometimes I get a headache but all the time I know it’s because I’m anxious.  It’s like I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall and I didn’t even know the first had fallen.  I’m very familiar with this feeling since it was my life for so many years, but I’ve been without it for so long that it’s really making me a little nuts. 

Especially since I can’t figure out what’s causing the anxiety!  Maybe it’s the teeth thing?  The money thing?  The baby thing?  The play?  The hubs?  The all of the above thing?  Who knows? 

It’s that feelings issue that keeps coming up.  Where I used to drink away or eat away or shop away the anxiety and could physically feel it leaving my body, now I have to work through it and figure out how to get it the hell out of here.  Problem is, when I’m feeling like this, no amount of yoga or meditation will take it away. 

The only thing that really works is eyeball to eyeball conversation with the hubs.

Now if I can just find the quiet time and get him to focus…


7 thoughts on “Babies, Teeth and Anxiety

  1. Congrats on the new one! What a doll 🙂

    I understand what you say about the feelings thing – that thing that can't be shopped away, eaten away, vodka'd away (me), or yoga'd away. When it happens to me it still feels raw and uncomfortable. How do normal people deal with this all the time, I would ask (and still do!). I find that the only thing is what you say – talking to someone about things. It's amazing how the smallest thing becomes a HUGE thing when it lives and festers in my alcoholic mind. Talking it out gives me a sounding board to counterbalance the foolish logic in my mind and gives me a way of perceiving things in a way I would have not thought of. And same goes when someone shares with me something that is bothering them. Amazing how this thing of *communication* works…I'm still new at it.

    Congrats again to the wee one and hope Mr. Tooth recoups sooner than later.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. It's all of the above that you allow in when you are not challenged in what you are doing at work…remember you are a “multitasker extraordinaire”…please do not allow the pressure of the moment to push you too fast or too far…we will get through this segement and move on to erradicate all of these problems with which we are dealing…I love you, baby…

  3. My last paycheck (you know, the one when I had the flu for a week and a half but no paid time off) was $0.00. Health insurance took it all. 😦 I'm having financial woes, too. Nothing to do but keep on going. Good thing I quit drinking, cause I certainly can't afford it! 😉

    Feelings…woe woe woe…feelings. I'm wrestling with some uncomfortable ones over here too. *hug* *hug*

    YAY YAY YAY for gorgeous new babe! She looks just like you! (I'm funny this morning!) 🙂

  4. Gorgeous girl! She does not even remotely look like a newborn! Ahh, anxiety. Had some going on yesterday. Nice long talk with my sponsor was a major help. She can always help me pinpoint what it is in me that is allowing outside things to make me restless. Vigorous exercise also helps, but who the hell wants to do that!?! LOL!

  5. Thanks for sharing a little segment of your life, SoberMomRock! And I must say that you have the cutest child! (And she’s smiling at me! Haha!) Anyway, I’m glad that W had his wisdom teeth removed. These teeth commonly affect other teeth as they develop.

    Deena Herring

  6. Impacted wisdom teeth can be quite painful the longer it is left unchecked. It is good that he had them removed by a dentist rather than trying to do so himself; that would be even more painful and could possibly lead to further complications!

    Your Caring Dentist

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