Blogger vs WordPress

I was going to show you guys a picture of the painting I did last night and write a lyrically beautiful post about the lotus blossom (or at least try) but Blogger won’t let me upload pictures the way it used to. Seems you have to “subscribe” or download “Picasa something” which is somehow related to Google + (which I don’t use – I can barely keep up with FaceBook and Pinterest for god’s sake) which I can’t do at work and don’t have time for at home.  Simply put…Blogger is beginning to piss me off.

When I started this blog, my computer genius son wanted me to use WordPress because it was so much more powerful and versatile and…well then I nodded off.  I actually went out and tried WordPress but ended up choosing Blogger because it suited my needs.  In other words, it was easier to use.

Now?  I’m not sure.  If I can’t get it to allow me to upload a simple stupid picture I’ve stolen, um borrowed, from the internet or even one I actually own, then it’s no good to me.  I mean really?  That’s as fancy as I get except for the occasional change of template and font. 

Oh!  I forgot about that.  I recently changed my font in response to a friend who said it was too small and now it’s too big and Blogger won’t let me change it back.  Really?

So my question is – which do you prefer and why.  Blogger, WordPress or another venue.

In the meantime I think I’ll go out and play on WordPress – guess I’d better get my son on speed dial.

I hate it when he’s right.


PS – After spending some time on WordPress today, I came back out to Blogger and look what I found!  The “Browse” button is back.  Ha!  Guess Blogger wasn’t ready to let old SoberMom go huh?

So instead of a picture of my lotus flower (which I’ll save for tomorrow), here’s a picture of my dogs for your viewing pleasure.

My dogs.  Love those pups.

3 thoughts on “Blogger vs WordPress

  1. My old personal blog was on blogger. I forget why I chose wordpress this time, but I do prefer it. I like that when people comment on one of my comments, I get a notification thingie at the top of my page (kind of like in facebook – oh I am not describing this well). It feels more interactive than blogger and, trust me, WP is very user friendly. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I've stuck with Blogger as I found it easy to use, it is better than it used to be, to insert images you needed to do HTML coding some while back and links also meant that too!

    WordPress seems to be taking over as the defacto choice, most people I know are moving that way. WordPress is however a bit complicated or can be, it does allow you to make a site that doesn't look like WordPress at all, even have a shop on it etc.

    I still prefer blogger as it is more straight forward but I have to admit to looking at WordPress recently without a conclusion as yet.

  3. I think one of the main reasons that would make me want to WordPress, is the pluggins, like Mel said! They sound like they add so much more possibilities to your blog, but I'm also slightly hesitant of WP because of how complicated it seems..I think it's something to think about in the future..

    RashEd@ Clipping Path India.

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