Carpe Diem

I love journals.  There is something about a book filled with blank pages and a crisp spine that speaks of promise and memories.  Couple that with new pens and I am one happy camper.
Except that I never use them!  I start and stop and try to fill them but I never follow through.  I end up ripping out the few pages that I have written on, in order to make the journal clean again so that I can start anew.  Thus a vicious cycle ensues.
Then I had a brainstorm the other day!  I would start a journal and every day I would write, “Today I love you because…” followed by a tidbit, serious or otherwise, about the hubs.  THEN, my genius continued, I would give it to him for Christmas next year and he could oooo and ahhh all over it and treasure it and hold it close to his heart and re-read it when he needed a warm a fuzzy moment.  (Which likely means it would end up in the bathroom…but I digress.)
So I chose one of my many journals that I thought suited him best, one very nice pen, and I began writing.  I’ve been carrying the book to work with me since the weekend so that he wouldn’t run across it and uncover my thoughtful and loving plan.
That is until this morning.
Because this morning as I sat down to write, I realized how sad it would be if the terrible awful happened and either I didn’t get to finish this or he never got to read it.  What a waste of loving!  That’s when I slapped my forehead in an “I want a V-8” kind of way and realized that these are the kinds of things that we should be saying EVERY DAY we breathe. 
So my Christmas gift for 2014 is that every day from now until 12/25/13 (and hopefully beyond because this is the way habits are made), I will send a text to my husband that begins, “Today I love you because…”.  And because my iPhone saves these messages for like…forever…I’ll be able to go back and re-read them even when I’m pissed off and can’t think of anything to write. 
I love you dude…and I’m about to fill up your phone with reasons why.

6 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. love love love this post!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I am pretty sure I abandoned journaling (with pen and paper) when I got my first laptop,.

    He's a lucky 'dude' !!!

  2. What a thoughtful idea. 🙂

    I also have loads of journals with about five pages written. Mostly about “I want to quit drinking/why can't I quit drinking.” I used to get so bored with myself I'd stop writing in them. Maybe I need to find them and put 'em to another use.

  3. My kids are going to find all my “drinking” journals one of these days and finally know for sure that I was bona fide.

    At least you're not that crazy lady that decided that she and her husband would have sex every day for a year. I watched them being interviewed on one of the morning shows (after they wrote a book about their year, of course) and the poor husband would get that deer in the headlights look every time she looked at him.

    Give Elmo a hug.

  4. This is very sweet and a wonderful idea! I should do this too.

    Know what you mean about the blank journals. I write in cheap-o spiral bound notebooks and save my pretty ones for…I don't even know.

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