30 Days of Grateful

I’m a little behind here so I’m covering the whole week with one post.

Sunday – November 4
I am grateful for fall, warm soup and football.

Monday – November 5
I am grateful for a job that doesn’t make me want to throw up before I go to work every morning.  In fact, I love going to work everyday.  How many people do you know that can say that?

Tuesday – November 6
I’m grateful that I live in a country that allows me the freedom to speak my mind, vote my mind, and be present while the peaceful exchange of power takes place.  Democracy rocks! (Okay…I know we’re a republic but “Republicacy Rocks!” just doesn’t have the same ring.)

Wednesday – November 7
I am grateful for my niece who turned 30 on 11/7.  She drives me insane and is way too much like her mother for my taste, but I love her where she is and she knows that.

Thursday – November 8
I am grateful that I’m friends with an old boss who drove me batshit (and vice versa) while she was my boss.  Now we’re friends and we do what so many friends do not – we make time to see each other and catch up anytime she’s in town.  I love that…and her. 

And I’m grateful for a husband who brings me flowers from the grocery store simply because he knows how much I love fresh flowers in the house.

Friday – November 9
I’m grateful that my 17 year old son, who will drive to an away, playoff football game tonight (2.5 hours away), is a good driver and has a passenger that I think is mature and responsible.  He will be following the bus and I know that God will deliver him safely home to me.  But I won’t sleep or stop worrying until he’s home and tucked in tight.

Some things never change.

Happy Friday everyone!


Dishwashers and Heart Transplants

I think I’m operating under a little blue cloud here lately.  Believe me when I say they are all “first world problems” (to quote my kids) but when you’re hanging onto your finances by your acrylic fingernails (which may have to go soon – noooooooo) any unexpected expense can send you over the edge.

Our dishwasher died last week.  Our just a little over five years old dishwasher died last week.  Really?  (Note:  Geez alert – I’m about to sound really old.)  When I first moved in with the hubs, we had a set of appliances in the most beautiful shade of Harvest Gold you’ve ever seen (don’t judge – it was 30 years ago).  The only problem was that those Harvest Gold appliances lasted for 20 years!  They outlasted their trend and I was BEGGING them to break down.  When the dishwasher and the refrigerator finally stopped washing and cooling, I cried tears of joy.

The matching washer and dryer lasted another 5 years or so.

But my GE Profile all fancy and shit dishwasher that came with the house just…died.  The control panel went out and it would cost more to fix it than it would to just buy a new one.  The best part is that the repair man came in, pushed a button on the control panel, pronounced it dead and charged us $75.  WTF?  Our new one will be delivered next week.  Sigh…

I’m just really, really feeling the pinch right now and I don’t even do the bills anymore!  (I turned that over to the hubs a few years ago when I needed a break from all that juggling – it’s exhausting.)  We’ve had B’s hospital stay, which we’ll be paying for when his children come to visit me in the old folks home, senior year times two (announcements, cap and gowns, rings, yearbooks, pictures, college apps, testing fees…), appliance breakdowns, car breakdowns, the oldest needs his wisdom teeth out, and oh yeah CHRISTMAS IS ON THE WAY!  Ho Ho fucking Ho.

We are not extravagant people by any means.  We don’t eat out very often.  The hubs clips coupons.  The boys aren’t clothes or shoe hounds and I try to limit my purchases to what I actually need rather than what I want.  We haven’t been on a vacation in over 8 years.

And I have really cut back my spending.  Except for my nails every two weeks and a hair appointment once every 5-6 weeks (cut only…I color my own hair) I try not to spend money.  Some weekends I don’t even leave the house because the pull of Target is just too great.  I can’t go in that fucking store without spending $200 so I try to abstain…I’m good at abstaining.  Because I’m abstaining we save $20 a day in wine which is a shitload of money every month (yes…I can do that math but I prefer not to see it in print).

I’m just venting.  I was never meant to be rich financially because I’m so rich in other ways.  I have an abundance of love to share and it’s shared right back.  I have good health (with the exception of a knee that I totally screwed up exercising), was fortunate to marry my soul mate, have an amazing family and a beautiful home.  I need to shut the fuck up.  God has always provided for me and mine and He always will.  I need to “be still and know”.

Because I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world.


PS – my son just texted me…he has a second level cavity and his brother has eight superficial ones.  The dogs go to the vet today for their checkup – I’m willing to bet one is going to need a heart transplant.

Okay…I’m back.

And here’s why…honestly…no bullshit.  It was too hard for the hubs to get to my new blog so he wasn’t reading my posts unless I was standing over him.  Since this is the way we communicate sometimes, it’s really kind of important that he sees them.

My kids will be mortified.

So I’m moving my most recent post over here and here I’ll stay.  I still reserve the right to write about any dang thing I want at any dang time I want…but at least I know he’ll see it.

I love you honey.