Changing Times

I am always amazed at what the change in time (“falling back or springing forward”) and the fact that the days are becoming shorter, does to my attitude.  I’ve always known that I have a little touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to go along with my clinical depression, so this doesn’t surprise me in the least.  It’s more…fascinating. 

As you all are painfully aware, I am on a quest to get my healthy back.  Right now I am down 16 pounds and inching closer and closer to that magical 20 pounds which will mean I can have my pants altered (I’m only altering or purchasing every 20 pounds).  Part of this journey has been to exercise more.  I’ve been walking, practicing yoga and I recently ordered Jillian’s 30 Day Shred because I know I have to do some strength training as well.  All in all, for a 51 year old, post menopausal woman I’m kicking some major booty.

Well…I was kicking major booty until two things happened.

I injured my knee doing jumping jacks in bare feet (a challenge from a group on – not the bare feet part…that was my own damn stupidity), and the time changed.

The knee thing is not really an excuse because there are things I could be doing while it heals.  I am practiced enough in yoga to know which poses I should and should not be doing.  Upper body strength training doesn’t come anywhere near my knee.  Walking on my treadmill at a slightly slower speed for an increased period of time would suffice.

It’s the time change that has thrown me for a loop.  Please remember that I am not, nor have I ever been, a person who works out in the morning.  I can barely get myself dressed and out the door in time so don’t tell me to work out before work when (for now) it’s still light out.  Plain and simple…ain’t gonna happen.

After work it’s dark…and cold…and my house and flannels are warm and cozy…and being snuggled up in my big, green chair with a book or a good TV show seems SO much better than bending myself into a pretzel in my yoga room or sweating while Jillian yells at me or walking on my treadmill in my cold garage. It’s only when I get on the scale and it hasn’t moved that I remember that I need to work out if I’m going to be successful.  It’s a mindset, I know, and one that I can change just by making it a habit to hit the workout before I do anything after I walk in the door.

Changing another habit…I should be a freaking expert at that by now.



3 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. I know you want to continue on this great weight loss and get fit path, and you are doing so so well.. but at the same times sometimes I just think we need to give ourselves a break and also just live…! It's a long game, keep heading in the general direction, keep the fitness and diet plan in mind always but these little blips (knee injuries, cosy winter feelings) have to also be honored. You are an awesome SOBER legend, and an inspiration to us all. Be kind to yourself xxxxxx

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