I Need a Vacation

I haven’t had a vacation since…well…last Christmas.  I’m not even sure if that was a vacation because technically I was working from home, but things are so slow that time of year that there really isn’t anything to do so it’s kind of a vacation…kind of.  Not really my definition of a real vacation but when it’s all you’ve got, you take what you can get.

My definition of vacation has changed a lot over the years.  At one time it was a resort filled with lots to do and even more to eat and drink (especially drink).  Noise and lights and dancing and falling into bed only to wake up the next morning hung over and ready to do it all again.

Then it became a condo on the beach where the day was spent feeding and dressing four boys for the ocean and the pool, or minature golf, or the arcade, or the rides.  Then getting them back to the condo and into bed so that the hubs and I could sit on the balcony and enjoy a cocktail (or four in my case), before tiptoeing to bed so not to wake up the boys.

Now when I wish, it’s for a different kind of vacation.  A real vacation.

I need some time (1 week?  2 weeks?) by the shore to recharge.  I need to walk on the beach all bundled up and let the wind wear my ass out.  I need to walk and walk and walk and then turn around and do it again.  I need coffee and tea to warm me along with the mid-day sun.  I need quiet where the only sound I hear is the gentle music of the shore returning to greet me again and again. 

Or maybe a cabin in the mountains where bird song wakes me from a good night’s sleep under a mountain of covers because the temperature dipped below 40 overnight.  I need to wear layers so that I can strip them off during a day-long hike that leaves me exhausted and famished at the end.  I need to snuggle on a ratty old sofa with my honey and watch some mindless TV or wrap up in a blanket with him and sit on a porch and talk before crawling back under all those covers and drifting off to sleep.

Whatever it is and whenever I get to take it, I hope it’s laid back and quiet and filled with the love and company of my family…so long as they leave me the hell alone.

Yeah…I need a vacation.


6 thoughts on “I Need a Vacation

  1. Sherry!!! Reading my mind again woman. It is MEA here in the midwest and that means kids are out of school for THREE days,. Abigail and I are heading up to one of my top three places in the world to vacation – Duluth.

    I LOVE the great lakes, the light houses, the gigantic rocks, the ships, the wind!!! Love it!! I'll be blogging about this, but just had to share!

    On a more serious vacation note,, I have been pleading for my husband to take me to Fiji. MN can get pretty dreary for this S.A.D. sufferer, so a vaca to some real sunshine around January is always the right thing! Start planning dear – that can be great fun in and of itself

  2. A vacation sounds heavenly! A vacation on the beach is my dream right now. I can't do a vacation yet though, never had one without tons of drinking and am not ready to try yet!

  3. What a great way of thinking about vacations as they relate to stages in our life. Yep, lights/action – been there, done that. Family vaca with many a cocktail on the balcony – yep – that is checked off my box. Tranquil, serene getaway without alcohol…new to me, but looking forward to it when we do our yearly beach trip in June!

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