Saying So Long To Jenny

Notice I said “So Long” and not “Goodbye”.  I hope that I can go back sometime in the future but the fact of the matter is…we just can’t afford it anymore.  The son’s hospital stay is a small fortune and we’re going to have to make payments (all cash savings having been depleted when I was unemployed).  Spending upwards of $600 dollars a month just isn’t an option right now.  Add to that the cost of having two seniors at one time – announcements, rings, pictures, yearbooks, prom – and the picture becomes clearer with every passing minute.

The good news?  I’ve lost 10 lbs – of course…it’s the same damn 10 pounds I’ve gained and lost about 100 times in the last three years…but let’s not go there right now…k?  All I have to do is maintain what I’ve already started and it will all be good.


I said…right?


7 thoughts on “Saying So Long To Jenny

  1. Um, right. NO, REALLY!!! RIGHT!!!

    Ughhh, dude, I can't even talk diet right now. We fly to CO (my 2 sisters and their families, my parents, my 2 oldest kids) in six weeks for Thanksgiving. They're ALL NOT FAT… Did I say that right? Ya, this is a whole big “issue” with me and a huge trigger since I'm on the subject.

    I schlepp out there with my forever 40 extra pounds,, factoring in that infamous ten lbs that comes and goes like the wind. Well, its here now and I'm already dreading the trip for this very reason. Shallow? Yes. Very.

    What can I say . .

    Jenny will never leave you. She'll be there if/when you choose that route again. Meanwhile, you got yourself a great start.

    Really,, Right!

  2. HI!!!! Congrats on 10 lbs, let it be your motivating factor in continuing down this path. YOU CAN DO IT WITH OR WITHOUT JENNY. I've been doing my best to not any any carbs (other than fruits and veggies) or sugar. It really limits what you can eat, but I feel better and am slowly losing.

    Now what's this about your son in the hospital? I scrolled down trying to find a post about it. What happened, is he okay?

  3. Dawn…it's not shallow at all. It's what society and Madison Ave have done to us all these years. We measure ourselves by what we see on the outside rather than what's going on inside.

    To use my husband's favorite expression…it is what it is.

  4. I posted a couple of times about it so you should be able to catch up on the gory details if you have time. But…long story short. He had pneumonia, doctor missed it the first time, I didn't listen to my mommy instincts, he ended up in the hospital, he's fine now with a clear x-ray. The End.


  5. Well, you know you can probably cook better than Jenny. I know, I know, I find myself waking up again every morning and saying, “Today's the day I'm going to do it” Today's the day I'm going to eat healthy. Today's the day I'm going to start excercising. Today's the day I'm going to start writing that book.

    Sure is good to say something besides, “Today is the day I'm going to quit drinking.”

  6. Well.. I go away and miss a trip of yours to New York and now this!! But yeah… I agree with the above. It's all about getting the mindset that you don't want to be piggy any more…getting the strength .. and once you've started feeling just a little bit better (which you already have with the weight you have lost) it's easier to keep it going, I reckon. Who needs Jenny! I am on a mission too as all the photos from our holiday you can definitely tell that I've gained back some of the weight I lost after I gave up wine. I thought the sobriety was going to be the magic pill that kept me at a lower weight. But no, surprise surprise it's totally possible to get porky again even when not drinking. Sigh.

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