I HATE New York

Okay…I don’t exactly HATE New York but I’m beginning to think it hates me.

The last time I was in NY was when I was still drinking.  I had too much to drink one night at a business function (imagine that) and spent the entire night throwing up in my hotel room and dehydrating myself to the point that my entire body was cramping.  Of course, I thought it was food poisoning because there was no way my brain would let me think it was the alcohol.  Later, I had to admit that I had crossed a line and probably given myself a touch of alcohol poisoning.

So I approached my visit this time without any trepidation, after all, I’m sober now right?  No way I’m going to get sick this time right?  I mean, I almost NEVER throw up…RIGHT?


Right after I posted yesterday I started feeling…um…not well.  I had been fighting a headache and a 300 pound head the entire time I had been there but I pushed through, ignored it and just thought it was allergies.  Ragweed to be specific.  Again…WRONG!!!

Before I knew it, I was in the Ladies Room losing my pumpkin spice latte and anything else I eaten since…oh I don’t know…1974?  All I could think was, “What the hell is it about this city that makes me hurl?” 

Then all I could think was, “I want to go home…now.”

I called corporate travel and they were able to get me on a 3:30 pm flight as opposed to the 7:00 pm flight on which I was originally booked.  I said my goodbyes (from a distance) and headed to the airport.

Now here’s where God sent some angels to hold my hand and get me home.

First, corporate travel had screwed up (surprise, surprise) and not only was I not on the 7:00 flight but I was not on the 3:30 flight either.  Angel #1 was the gate agent because not only did she get me on the 3:30 but she upgraded me to first class.  Yes!  I would actually be able to sleep on the way home.

Except that nothing was leaving LaGuardia, on time, yesterday.  Fog (yes…fog…can you believe it) had delayed everything at least an hour…maybe two.  I sat by my gate, unable to get comfortable and feeling miserable.  About to cry miserable.  So I decided to find the USAirways Club and buy a day pass so at least I could be comfortable until my flight left.  I didn’t even care what it was going to cost…that’s how bad I felt.

Angel #2.  USAirways and Delta are sharing the same space right now for their flight clubs as USAirways builds a new space.  The Delta agent at the door told me it would be $50 for a day pass.  I handed her my card and my boarding pass.  She punched some buttons and handed me back my things and whispered, “I didn’t charge you.  Hope you are feeling better.  We have ginger ales and tea if you’d like some.”

I was able to wait it out in relative comfort in close proximity to a very nice ladies room.  It was heaven.  I slept without fear of someone stealing my crap.  I eventually boarded my flight and made it home by 7:30 pm…and went straight to bed.  I still feel like shit today but at least I’m in my own home feeling this way.

I’m not sure if I will ever set foot on the island of Manhattan again (even though I’m supposed to go in November for work), because I am now convinced that it hates me.  But I will say this, the city may blow but the people of New York ROCK the planet.

3 thoughts on “I HATE New York

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon, it must be so good to be in your own bed. It is miserable to travel when you are sick, I can't count the times I traveled with a hangover, swearing never again. I think I can finally say never again, and mean it.

  2. I have not been to New York – in fact, the only state east of MN that I have been to is FL. Seems every time we have vacation, , we're CO bound as that is where my entire family reside. Not that CO is a bad place to visit, I love it (lived there for ten yr) but I have desires of traveling the East coast and NW United States. Ha, I have seen more of Europe than I have US.
    Anyway,, I'm glad you arrived home at a respectable hour – “there's no place like home”
    Now, what's the deal with living in the South and jammies by 9pm?? I live North and jammies are on promptly by 8 !!!!
    Just never heard that as a characteristic of a particular region… You, my dear Sherry, have a great wknd!!

  3. Egads, sorry to hear you got sick up there. I used to go up for work quite often and Laguardia was always a mess, but way way way WAY better than Newark. I remember the Delta folks there were always awesome. I found New Yorkers to have tough outer shells, but always very nice and kind beneath the exterior.

    I hope you feel better quickly and manage to enjoy some of your weekend. ~ Christy

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