Sunday’s With Jenny

Ahem…drum roll please….

3.6 pounds!

Finally!  A real week of real weight loss!  I am right on track with where I wanted to be after four weeks on the program.  I am down almost nine pounds.  Just a kiss over two pounds per week.  Slow, healthy, right on track.

I was prepared to give it up and stop wasting my money.  I had decided that if, after six weeks (because you have to give any new fitness plan/healthy eating plan at least six weeks) I was still losing only one pound per week, that I was going to give up on Jenny.

The primary catalyst for this is that I am not very comfortable ingesting all of these chemicals and sodium.  Prepackaged food of any kind is chock full of this crap no matter how you slice it.  However, I knew I needed someone else to be in control for at least a little while because I have this little problem with moderation.  I also knew I needed to go on “auto-pilot” in order to stop obsessing about food the way I used to obsess about wine. 

You know how it goes…”What do I eat when?”  “What’s a real portion size?”  “How many calories in THAT?”  “How much cardio do I need to burn that?”  Ugh!  That’s the obsessive thinking that put food first and foremost in my head and, no matter what, I knew for a fact that it had to stop.

The plan was, and still is, to get this weight off by any means necessary because that’s going to do more good for my health than the chemicals and sodium will do bad in the short term.  That’s the plan anyway.  For now I’m still giving it six weeks and then we’ll reevaluate.

But today…I’m very, very happy.

My counselor was surprised and a little suspicious (she reminds me of a drug and alcohol counselor because they too have a bullshit meter that is very sensitive).  She asked me if I did anything differently this week to which I replied no.  Which was the truth…kinda sorta.

Something did change last week but it’s not really easy to explain.  Last week I didn’t have food on my mind except at mealtimes (which I’ve heard is how normal people behave).  I also ate only the Jenny food.  I didn’t supplement or add anything extra with the exception of a banana or apple here and there.  The program did exactly what I wanted it to do – it made eating boring (for the most part) and so it stopped being an “event”.  I also stopped “planning” every meal and just grabbed what I felt like eating in the moment.  That also took the focus away from food and placed it on sustenance.

On that front…mission accomplished.  We’ll see how I feel about all of this in the coming week.  I’m taking this sucker not one day at a time but one week at a time (because I only weigh myself at my Jenny appointments – my scale and I are not only separated, the divorce is final).

Now, to my wonderful and supportive friends and colleagues who read this blog and know me in real life. Put this out of your mind and relax.  Win or lose – I got this.



4 thoughts on “Sunday’s With Jenny

  1. Sherry, you've more than got this, you're kickin' it out of the ballpark. Congratulations on the good results this week! I'm also doing the weekly weigh in on Fridays with husband (“respect the scales!” which is one of my fave sayings from the biggest loser, simply because it was so ridiculous).
    Anyway, it's so motivating to see results from lifestyle changes. Well done matey x

  2. Sherry – fabulous to read! I just KNEW you were going to meet back here in a week (today) and the diet would be lookin up. We (addicts) are not so great with patience sometimes. We want what we want and we want it yesterday!!
    Way to hang in there girl!

    question – could you email me when you have a moment if you are comfortable with that – I have a couple of questions

  3. Woo-Hoo! I've excused myself from concentrating on anything but my sobriety for the last year but now that I've got my year under my belt, it's time to conquer some other goals. You're an inspiration, girlie.

  4. Yeah .. I'm with Kary May… need to think about the food. And the sugar. You are an inspiration. And I”m interested in this stuff about changing thinking of every meal as an event and more as just sustenance. I am rather obsessed with planning meals. Made Nigella Lawson banana and caramel muffins yesterday and had THREE. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???!!!!!!!

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