Sundays With Jenny

Went for my first appointment at Jenny Craig yesterday.  “First” is a relative term since this is my third trip down the food aisle with Jenny.  “If you were not successful the first two times they why are you going back?  Isn’t that the definition of crazy you keep talking about?”

Yes and no.

I’m back again because I know the program has all of the requisite ingredients (pardon the pun) to be successful.  The missing, and most important, ingredient was the right mindset from me.  The first time I tried it I was still deep into my drinking.  It’s hard to lose weight when you’re sucking down over 2,000 calories in wine every single night.  It’s a wonder I’m not 300 lbs.

I couldn’t remember when I was in the second time (it was very short lived) so I had the consultant check for me.  Result?  Early 2010.  Around the same time I was detoxing and just before I embarked on a year of travel for work.  Let’s see…how about we travel around the country, white knuckling my way around hotel bars and wine with dinner AND try and figure out how Jenny would have me eat.  Yeah…sometimes I’m a real dumbass.

So what’s different this time?  To begin, I’m in a much better mental place then I was in my other attempts.  In fact, I’m in a better mental place than I think I’ve ever been in my LIFE.  Also, I have no travel coming up any time soon and all of the work events that thwarted my weightloss attempts are over until next summer (except for two and I can handle those).  Finally, we’re financially better able to handle the cost.

So yesterday I went in and sat down and got signed up for the program.  I only had one request…I do not want to see the number on the scale.  I don’t want to keep track of pounds.  I only want to know if the weight is going in the right direction (down) and if I’m on track (1-2 pounds per week).  I refuse to weigh myself at home either.  I’m going to judge success by the way I feel, the way my clothes feel, and what the numbers of my blood work tell me.

I’ve also decided to be accountable to myself and to blog through this journey.  Sundays with Jenny will be where I recount the week past and plan for the week about to come.  I’ll talk about feelings, successes, failures, food and activity.  I’ll talk about planning for the week ahead and how I can circumvent potential road blocks.

I have all my food for next week.  My program starts tomorrow.  I chose only things I know I like and I’m making a shopping list for other things I need – fresh foods like fruit and salad fixings.  I’m anticipating a highly succesful first (and likely second) week because that’s always how a weight loss journey starts…all full of commitment and excitement.  And I’m hoping I can carry that all the way through the next 52 weeks.

My goals?  I don’t want to be a size 6…I was NEVER a size 6.  I just want to shop in “regular” stores again.  I don’t want to be where I was at 35.  While that was a good time for me and my body, I am not 35 anymore.  I want to be a healthy 51 year old.  And, the biggest, hairiest, most important goal I have?  I don’t want to die like my mother did.  I don’t want to be 75, half blind, taking insulin, unable to walk or drive or read a good book, unable to controls my bodily functions.  Oh hell no!

I’ll take any prayers and good wishes I can get so if you’ve got any to share…feel free to lay it on me.


“You know, diet is about willpower, and lifestyle is about skill power. And diet is about deprivation, and lifestyle is about moderation.”
~Jenny Craig

7 thoughts on “Sundays With Jenny

  1. I can only speak for myself; but that “insanity” thing you refer to? That cyclic rat wheel – I was spinning on that wheel in my recovery for SEVEN years. six months sober, relapse, nine mos sober, relapse. one year sober, relapse, three months sober, relapse,,, and so it went. Only when I started a blog – 11-11-10, did I FINALLY get off that flippin rat wheel. I was very serious about this blog and I was enormously transparent. I put it ALL out there, ha,, makes for good reading i gather because I was taking on an average of two readers per day… But, we both know that was not my purpose, , keeping myself accountable in that forum ended up being my ticket to success.

    While in graduate school for counseling, I was vehemently advised to delete this blog for professional reasons. After days of consideration, I did just that. But a void was left in my recovery program, so voila' , here I am again, only with a bit less self-disclosure..

    So,, ,lol to my point, and, yes, I always have one – I think this will be your link to success. The support you will gain and having a place to be honest through and through is what is required. wtg – and count me in as a “sunday jenny” reader. btw,, just for fun, I am 51 as well, which I believe I have shared somewhere down the line – I'm 5-14-61,, how about you? I was born on mother's day

  2. You are off and running….it is a long term event and not a sprint so take your time gaining a stride that you can handle in a marathon…stick with the foods that you enjoy and let them be your perscription for your goals…try not to over think the process and just get through one day at a time…love you baby…

  3. Oh my dear grateful, this explains so much…I am 5-2-61. The um…tenaciousness of Taureans will carry us through many many trials. We just have to make up our minds and then commit.

    I hope you're right about the support, my readership has been waning of late and even tthough that's not why I write

  4. I know Jenny will work, it always does, and this time you seem ready to keep it off, which is always the hardest part for most of us. I wish you the very best of luck, but you won't need it, you will do this thing and will be prancing around in a size 6 in no time.

    I long to shop in real stores again…..I'm losing the old fashioned way this time its slow and discouraging and I may have to do something more drastic….

  5. Tenacious, indeed. Funny, that is why I asked, because I had a 'feeling' that Taurus would be your reply. The bull – these characteristics have served me well,, and in the same breath,,have led me to periods , , ahem, of miscalculations. 🙂

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