You Know What That Means…

I didn’t post yesterday because work was INSANE and I was exhausted when I got home.  Today?  I can’t figure out what to write.  Soooooo, you know what THAT means!

It’s time for GRATITUDE!!!!

(and the crowd goes wild)

Today I am grateful for:

Beautiful weather.  We had a really hot and muggy Spring.  Most of the time it felt like August and August in the Southeast is not pretty.  Now?  It feels like May in the Southeast.  Glorious.  Windows open, breeze blowing…just glorious.

Not giving in to my cravings for wine and that they are so infrequent that riding them out is not a problem.  Driving home last night I rolled down the window and turned off the air-conditioner.  I took a deep breath and thought…ahhh…drinking weather.  Sad but true.  But I rode it out (pun intended) and it was gone almost as soon as it started.

That we are over the half-way point in our busy season at work.  My biggest part starts Monday.  I need some prayers that all goes well (if you have a minute).  Please and thank you.

My family and my husband.  They are my heart.

My openness and acceptance to other religions and cultures.  #1 twin’s best friend is a Mormon.  He’s visiting for the summer after moving away last year.  He has embraced his faith over this last year and in teaching me more about it, all of the “boys” have become interested.  #1 twin is considering converting.  I am thrilled.  Anything that brings my family closer to God is okay in my book.

My Groupon at the local yoga studio.  I can’t afford to join but having these 10 sessions at a much reduced rate has been great.  I practice at home but it’s nice to go in and get “checked” every once in a while.  How’s my form?  Can I still keep up with a class?  Does it really matter that I’ve gained so much weight? (It doesn’t.)


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to realize how good things really are.”
 ~ Marianne Williamson

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