I fell off the sugar wagon this weekend…okay…I didn’t exactly fall…I jumped.

Notice I said sugar and not carbs…this was definitely a sugar fest.

The boys asked for two things for their birthday treat.  #2 son asked for Dirt which is crushed Oreos, Cool Whip, Cream Cheese and vanilla pudding.  If you’ve never had it – don’t try it.  It’s amazing.

#3 son asked for my special carrot cake and cream cheese icing.  I didn’t have time for that so I made the next best thing, Oreo Truffles and Cake Pops.

Oh. My. God.

I was BLTing all over the place (Bites, Licks, Tastes) and I finally broke down and ate some Dirt and a couple (okay more than a couple) of cake pops and truffles.  And then I was full so I didn’t eat much of anything else even though I know for a fact that eating protein with carbs will help to slow down digestion and somewhat minimize the sugar surge.  Idiot.  Stupid addict idiot.

I woke up with a headache that would have rivaled any hangover headache.  AND I felt like crap.  I had a sugar hangover!!!  I was wrung out most of the day, tired, cranky…you know the drill. 

It was facinating and I loved it.

This was just the affirmation that I needed.  This stuff is poison to me.  If I can’t do it in moderation (which has already been established) then I just need to stay away. For good.

And here’s the real thing…it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would.  I mean, don’t get me wrong…it was GOOD.  What’s not good about Oreo’s and cream cheese smushed together, rolled in a ball, and dipped in chocolate?  But it wasn’t as good as it should have been.  It didn’t sit on my tongue like I thought it would and it didn’t give me the ahhhhhh that I thought it would.  Strange.

So now I’m back on the wagon and I think I’m going to drive it for awhile.  I’m sticking with the Induction Phase of Atkins for another two weeks.  I need to refine the phase, take away some, not all, of the fat and add some exercise (now that I have the energy).  Once I’m through this two weeks then I’ll move on to Phase 2 which allows a whopping 5 extra grams of carbs a week until I find my optimum carb level.  We’re talking good carbs here people…vegetables, some fruit, some whole grains…mostly vegetables.

I’m okay with that.  We had a cookout yesterday for the boys, and I didn’t even miss the bun with my grilled chicken.  I only ate a couple of tortilla chips which I loaded with salsa and guacamole to get my fill.  I’m not missing French Vanilla creamer in my coffee as much as I thought I would because I have energy and I don’t even need coffee the way I used to (ugh…I HATE ending a sentence in a preposition but sometimes I can’t help it).  After my headache, sugar can go pound sand…even Atkins Endulge Bars don’t sound good right now.

I guess it’s like any relapse…we come back stronger and more committed than ever.

7 thoughts on “Hangover

  1. Sherry, that's very true. I used to be terrified that a relapse meant I was returning to my old ways. Not so.
    I still find them frightening, but I learn from them, and gradually my DOC becomes much less attractive and not enjoyable.
    I suppose, in that way, relapses are an important part of recovery.
    That “Dirt” sounds like something my kids would love . . . I might make some for them during the Jubilee celebrations, on a day when my will power is at its very best!
    Take care x

  2. Oh I know that feeling too well. I must be hypoglycemic. I feel cranky and tired after indulging. And after over-iindulging? Ugh. Gravely ill.

    Glad you're back on track. You inspire me!


  3. Gasp… how delicious it sounded with Dirt! :))

    Hahaa and I loved the “BLTing”, this I must remember!

    Glad to have you back on the wagon, the sugarless ride may continue – big hugs to you

  4. Oh boy, can I relate to this one. In April I did Phase 1 of South Beach in an effort to kick my crippling sugar addiction. I stuck to it for 2 weeks and lost 9 pounds, and the cravings did get better, but I've binged since then. I've been doing a half-assed version of Phase 2 and have lost 5 more pounds, but that's more due to running, I think. But what I could really relate to is the sugar hangovers. Monday mornings I wake up feeling ill and off, just like I was when I'd been drinking. I never noticed such cause and effect, but it's definitely not worth it. Though the way you described the oreo truffles made me drool a little. Hm.

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