Hittin’ On All 8’s

My first car was a 74 Chevy Malibu Classic.  2 door coupe, 350 engine (8 cylinders), light green with a white landau roof.  It was my baby.  Looked a lot like this one.

We’re coming into our busy season at work and I am in HEAVEN.  I love it when I’m doing a hundred things at once, juggling a lot of balls in the air AND doing it high heels and a suit.  It’s when I’m at my best.

Part of the reason is that I’m a woman and we multi-task the hell out of everything we do.  It’s how we’re built.  While the men are out killing the woolly mammoth (being VERY single minded), we’re back at the cave wiping noses and butts, making dinner and keeping the wolves at bay.  Translated into today, it means I can do a million things at once and make it all look effortless.

Another part is because work has always been an escape for me and the better I do it the better I feel.  I started working at 14 as a babysitter and as soon as I turned 16, I had a part time job after school.  I needed money for myself (that car up there was expensive) and I needed money to help out at home (to keep the wolves at bay).  It was also the absolute best way to get out of the house – away from the loony bin so that I could try to figure out who I was without the crazy people at home.

I also learned the most important skill I have ever used in my career – how to compartmentalize.  Men do this without a blink because they are single minded.  Women?  Not so much.  We tend to bring our work selves to our home selves and bring our home selves to our work selves.  We make our “selves” nuts.

Because I was trying so hard to escape the crap that was going on at home, I learned to turn off that part of my brain and emotions when I was at work.  I would get in the car and immediately switch to work mode and not think about it again until I was back in the car on the way home.

I’m still that way.  The kids put a slight chink in the armour when they came along because they are ALWAYS on my mind…but other than that, it’s still working pretty well.

It also worked while I was drinking – and it’s likely the reason no one would have EVER guessed that I was a drunk.  I think some of my work friends may have had a clue that I had a problem on business trips because I always drank more than everyone else, but, being the good alkie that I was, it never impacted my work.

But I digress…

I’m just very excited to be getting into this season of busyness when I’ll be working 14 hour days and “hittin’ on all 8’s” like I used to say…back when cars had 8 cylinders and if they were hittin’ on all 8’s and the timing was set perfectly, you could really haul some ass. 

And I’m grateful that I’ll be doing it sober – cause getting up at 5:30 to be to work at 7:30 would be a bitch with a hangover.

Now shut up and let me get back to work!

3 thoughts on “Hittin’ On All 8’s

  1. Now that is one damn COOL car!

    But surely you wont be working 14 hours a day for any longer period of time?

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