Sunsets and Oreos


So as I’ve probably mentioned, I’ve been struggling with my weight for…well forever.  But since I went through menopause (I was done at 47 yay!) my metabolism has slowed to a complete stand still.  Even eliminating the thousands of calories from wine (and later bags and bags of m&m’s) didn’t do a thing for my waistline.  I’ve gained and lost the same 10 lbs for the last 2 years which sounds good – except that I put on 50 during my worst drinking days.

I come from a long line of women with slow metabolisms and issues with food.  My mother was once addicted to diet pills prescribed by a doctor to help her lose weight.  Of course it didn’t help that I grew up in a home where fried Spam was considered a protein (I am not even kidding) and McDonald’s was considered fine dining.

Plus, as any good card carrying alcoholic, I do not know the meaning of the word moderation.  I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.  I can’t have one or two Oreos, I have to eat the whole row (or box) until I’m feeling sick.  I can’t eat one or two french fries – I need to Super Size the damn thing and then eat them all, licking my fingers to get the last of the salt and grease. (Okay – I’ve got to stop – I’m grossing myself out right now.)

I got a handle on my weight during the 80’s when I became a fitness nut and eliminated most fat from my diet (since my husband had a heart attack at 45).  It was so liberating to be able to eat like a normal person and exercise and stay healthy!  I loved it!

Then of course the drinking escalated, my eating habits went to shit and I stopped exercising.  Add to that the fact that our home is designed so that the kitchen and family room are one big room which makes it oh so easy and convenient to grab a snack while watching TV.  Sigh…

So the BB has been beating the hell out of me about how my body looks for like…well…forever but that’s beside the point.  She’s been really working up a sweat lately regarding the current state of my ass.  I got on the scale this morning (up a half a pound from last week instead of down) and immediately said to myself, “OMG!  I am never going to get this weight off!  I’ve given up cigarettes and drinking – I can’t possibly give up sugar and carbs too!”

That stopped me dead in my tracks.  First of all I was whining which I HATE!  And secondly…really?  It’s just FOOD.  There are many things in my life which I can’t possibly give up and food that is not good for my body is certainly not one of them!

For instance:

  • I can’t give up loving on my children, kissing them goodbye, hello, goodnight, good job…whatever.
  • I can’t give up hugs – from anyone.
  • I can’t give up my relationship with my husband who is part best friend, part lover, part confidant, and all of my heart.
  • I can’t give up HGTV (okay…I guess I could…but it would be really hard).
  • I can’t give up beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  • I can’t give up Bradford Pears and Cherry Blossoms that bloom in the Spring.
  • I can’t give up my love for the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Blue Crabs.
  • I can’t give up missing my grandchildren and looking forward to seeing them and then loving all over them when they show up and then crying when they go home.
  • I can’t give up long walks when the weather is gorgeous.
  • I can’t give up girl talk.
  • I can’t give up trying to find a closer relationship with God and enjoying the one I have.

Plus about a million other wonderful things.

But food?  Oh hell to the yeah…I can work on giving up that which is just plain not good for me.  Whether or not I lose any weight.

And to you BB – shut the hell up and get out of my head.


3 thoughts on “Sunsets and Oreos

  1. Love your list! As I was munching on my pizza slice… number three, I was considering the fact that I'm supposed to be loosing weight. The pizza and the energy drinks sure doesn't help. Oh okay, the candy sitting on my table waiting to jump into my mouth wont help either.

    Dammit… why is fatty food so good! Why couldn't I find pizza to be incredibly disgusting and vegetables to be the best ever.

    Ah well, I'm with you there Sherry – our diets must be modified. Again.

    On Monday! 😉

  2. I needed this reminder today since I just decided I have to give up junk food, sugar, etc. As soon as I am done with the chocolate I am currently eating.

  3. I must mention that last year I lost 20 kilos/44 pounds (it took about a year). The only rules I had was;

    -not to eat anything made out of wheat flour
    -exclude sugary stuff like candy and energy drinks
    -no potatoes
    -walks – I walked at least 5 kilometers/3 miles every day. Perferably in the morning on my way to work, then I had the exercise done early and my evenings free for other activities.

    This meant that I couldn't eat pizza, buns, pasta, hamburgers and fries, crisps or chips, cakes and so on. Those are what makes me so bloated. Otherwise I ate normally. And I always carried with me a little box filled with various nuts, seeds and dried berries – to nibble on whenever I became peckish.

    I wasn't a slave to those rules, I mean – most foods contain sugar. So I just excluded obviously sugary stuff. And I'm sure I had boiled potatoes every once in a while. But otherwise it was easy to remember: no wheat sugar potatoes and to have those daily walks.

    Hmmm… I'm having a very sinful day today, celebrating it's Saturday of course with candy and good food. But I think I'll give the old regime a new shot… it worked the last time. I know it's a cliché, but I think I'll enjoy myself this weekend and have a new start on Monday. It's worth a shot, right!

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