Time for a Little Gratitude

I am in a great mood today and I have no idea why and I really don’t care why – I’m just going to enjoy it.  I’m also going to take the time to work on my gratitude and record it here, so if this is something that you find tedious, feel free to jump off this train now.  You won’t hurt my feelings…much.  😉

Dear God,

Thank You for…

  • My sobriety.  I don’t thank You enough for that in spite of the fact that I know I couldn’t have done it without You.  For that I am grateful every day.
  • My family.  My husband, children, and grandchildren are a blessing I never thought I’d know.  I didn’t want to have children for fear I would screw them up the way my parents screwed me up, but You knew better.  For that I am grateful every minute of every day.
  • My friends.  You have placed in my path friends who make me laugh and cry and I love to spend time with them.  And then there are those who are angels masquerading as friends.  These people have, and continue to be the extended family I no longer have – and they are much better at it than the original ones were.  To have people in your life who will call you on your bullshit and still love you unconditionally is truly a blessing.
  • My AA Group.  These people are just wonderful and I’m so glad You shoved me in that direction.  My sponsor is a good one and I find topics and people that speak directly to my heart everytime I walk into those rooms.
  • My job.  Thank You for allowing me to provide for my family in a way that makes me happy.
  • My hairdresser.  She really kicked ass this time.  Thank You for making me shut up and let her do her thing.
  • The willpower to stick to a cleaner diet and feel better in the process. 
  • Shoes…’nuff said.
  • The arrival of Spring.  Thank You for placing me in an area of the US that gets all four seasons.  Just when I have had enough of one, another one shows up and fills me with wonder.  That’s just plain cool.
  • My son’s concert tonight.  Thank You for blessing him with a voice that makes me cry (from joy) when he really turns it on.  That kid is phenomenal.  I’m sure the other’s in the chorus are just as good (not) but let’s face it, I’ll only be listening for his voice.
  • My new iPad!  One of the angels previously mentioned gave it to me on Saturday.  Did you hear that?  GAVE. IT. TO. ME.  No friend of mine has ever been that generous or thoughtful with material goods.  We’d been kidding about how she was going to get it for me – with a pink cover – after she got a big fat signing bonus on a new job (she hasn’t heard yet).  She went and bought one for me anyway – with a pink cover.  I am still speechless and I am NEVER speechless.  Thank You for placing her in my life (and not just because she bought me an iPad but that sure is nice.)
  • Long eyelashes and Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  It rocks.
  • My nephew and his brief stay with us.  Please let him remember how much we love him and remind him from time to time that home is always with the people who love you.

Guess that’s it for now.  Give me the power to do Your will today rather than mine.  Give me the patience to wait for those things and know that they are in Your time and not mine.  Help me to shut up and listen.


4 thoughts on “Time for a Little Gratitude

  1. Great gratitude list. These are so important because of the “humility” aspect. It keeps me real because it reminds me of when I thought I was the victim and was grateful for nothing. Now just the sun shining can change my whole thought process. How awesome for your son to be gifted with such a voice. My oldest son is a very gifted artist, and it was just natural from the time he was little on up. I'm so happy that we both get to experience life the way it was meant to be!

  2. I know what you mean about life the way it was supposed to be – it's fabulous!

    So happy you son has a gift as well. I can't draw stick figures so I'm always amazed at natural artists – how does their brain make their hands DO that?

  3. It is the old addage “is the glass half full or half empty…when it is half full it is still filling and that is where you now find your life…it has always been there for you and your perception now allows you to view it to overflowing…it takes time and effort and people will continually stick their fingers in it and want to quench their own lives with a drink from your glass..that's ok too to share your perspective with those who still have a glass that is half empty and it seems to be draining…much love and prays are always on their way to you and there are indeed angels in you wonderful life.

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